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  1. Sorry for coming back late on this. Now that I think about the table was destroyed, and I got some error that the table cannot be accessed. When I looked at the table there were no fields configured. It was ripped apart, sort of. Maybe it was some MySql bug, because if it was an injection, the table would have been truncated or dropped. I do not have the exact error code! What do you think?
  2. Recently a session database table was destroyed on my phpBB forum! I was able to restore the table from an earlier database dump. I changed the databade user permissions not to allow DROP, this is a temporary hack at best. I am consern that a hacker can be more sofisticated next time and delete database records. 1. Any suggestion to preventetive methods that can be used to prevent attack on the MySQL database? I have noidea how this could have happened! There are no hidden Worms or Trojans on my server account, although it is a virtual server, so could have been attacked from another account on the server? Changing the password will also help.. Any comments are welcomed.
  3. Looks correct, just pick up the data from the page you posting too using $_POST. Try posting to a page on your server...
  4. Yes you can do this with curl, take a look at curl_init and other curl function at www.php.net
  5. Okay got the logic. it joins bits in a variable. Thank you for the explanation. Always like to understand the logic, not just copy and paste...
  6. When you say extend you mean it ia added to the array of the variable?
  7. Sorry guys, this syntax is new to me, how is the $form echoed? Also what does period = means? $add1 .= Thank you. $sql = "SELECT * from programmes"; $result = mysql_query($sql, $conn) or die(mysql_error()); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $add1 .= "<option value='$row[programe_name]'>$row[programe_name]</option>"; $add2 .= "<option value='$row[no_of_semesters]'>$row[no_of_semesters]</option>"; } $form = " <body> <form action='studentregistrationform.php' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'> <td>Programe:</td> <td> <select name='programe'> $add1 </select> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Semester:</td> <td> <select name='semester'> $add2 </select> </td> </table> </form>";
  8. I came across this while learning class, PHP5 has some strange stuff, might be a bug do a Google for this and see what you find, maybe a hack...
  9. Live and learn! Will make your life much easier in debuging! Try no to use short hand...
  10. echo <<<END END: Is supported in PHP4, I use it in all my scripts. Just make sure there are no blank spaces at the end of each syntax command or you will get an eror. An when I say make sure, I mean put your mouse over at the end of END and slide it to the right, this are blind blank spaces, you cannot see them but they may be there. So when I copy paste echo <<<END I hit return at the end of END to make sure there is only a carage return charcter there. But you welcome to do as you like in terms of how you code display your PHP, just it makes it hard to debug when you use short hand...
  11. Okay, so put your JavaScript in php file and use include to get it. Put this in a file called myjs.php and get it with include. <javasritp> some JS </javascript> You may need to use <?php echo <<<END <javasritp> some JS </javascript END; ?> But I think it will work as a first example also.
  12. Honestly it is very hard to debug short hand PHP. I recommend to you for best coding practices to use. echo <<<END HTML code END; Make sure their are no spaces after each command on the command line. Clean up your code and it will be easy too check what syntax is missing what! You will also find this useful for modifying it later, adding new stuff.
  13. /First you need to align your code in a neet matter. no one has 2000 px monitor, so we cannot scroll from left to right and remember the code. Please look at how other people write scripts and align your code.
  14. I will send you my bill. Link to phsdl...
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