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  1. Hi guys? Help me on how I can change the format of my date displayed form a MySQL database If for instance I have a variable for my date like echo $dateregistered; ie Default is: YY-MM-DD eg 2009-05-23 How do I make it display like this DD-MM-YY or DD-MM.YYY eg 23-05-2009 0r 23-05-09 Kindly help
  2. md5 is a hash, please note as Ken2k7 has explained. What I think is that since this fellow says they are new to PHP, then maybe its the typing but they understand
  3. Zhadus's way is a great way around it but if you need it to be dynamic, you need the Userlevels to be database stored.
  4. create a database field for accesslevel or usertype use that in ur SQL statements in the where clause. Sth like WHERE username = $username AND password = $password AND Usertype = 1 or 2 or 3/a or b or c(whatever you used) Then make sure there is a seesion you created which you parse to the Usertyep/Access level variablee so you can use that to check on every page as a check.
  5. Remove the md5 hashing first from your script (registration page and access management page) so you can be able to access the system with data you enter directly in the MySQl db Then when you are done, return that hashing so u can register a new account. otherwise, the hashing can be removed from any page where it is being used-not advisable though
  6. gnawz

    https issue

    just change your security settings in your browser. From tools-> options
  7. session.php checks the session. Its a session handler to either return the last page visited or check if one is logged in order to determine the rights to give or other. Check if the database details, esp password are encrypted and perhaps need decryption
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