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  1. Okay I've cleared up the vbulletin errors and the footer snippets that were causing an error. Now I just have an error in my popup javascript function: function popup(url,title,height,width,extras){ var windowoptions = 'height=' + height + ',width=' + width + ',' + extras + ''; windoww = window.open(url,title,windowoptions); if (window.focus) {windoww.focus()} return false; } Says "invalid argument" in: windoww = window.open(url,title,windowoptions); Thanks for the help!
  2. When I hit F12 and the debugger window opens the 3 items listed are as follows: SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited. bfgamerz.com SCRIPT5009: 'vBulletin_init' is undefined bfgamerz.com, line 980 character 2 SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'observe' bfgamerz.com, line 986 character 1 Nothing about jQuery or javascript errors. How do I find out the problem with the debugger? Sorry I am new to this in IE. Thank you!
  3. Hey there, I am having a problem with the jquery on my website with Internet Explorer. I have only tested it in IE9 but what i does is it doesn't hide the dropdowns for the list on the right side. The code is like this: <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery.noConflict(); function initMenu() { jQuery('#resources ul').hide(); jQuery('#resources li a').click( function() { var checkElement = jQuery(this).next(); var one = jQuery(this); if((checkElement.is('ul')) && (checkElement.is(':visible'))) { return false; } if((checkElement.is('ul')) && (!checkElement.is(':visible'))) { jQuery('#resources ul:visible').slideUp('normal'); jQuery('#resources li a').removeClass('selected'); checkElement.slideDown('normal'); one.addClass('selected'); return false; } } ); } jQuery(function(){ // bind change event to select jQuery('#jumpMenu').bind('change', function () { var url = jQuery(this).val(); // get selected value if (url) { // require a URL window.location = url; // redirect } return false; }); }); jQuery(document).ready(function() {initMenu();}); jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(function () { jQuery('div.iframe').load("forum/index.php #navbar"); }); }); </script> It works well in Firefox, however I have noticed that every once in a while it will not load the jquery fully when I go to a new page and the dropdowns will show up expanded instead of collapsed which should be the default. Here is an example of the page: http://bfgamerz.com/downloads.php?id=38&key=Project-Reality-v095-Full-Client It is also making the popup not working correctly (you have to be logged in to view it) but the popup is just like this: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function popup(url,title,height,width,extras){ var windowoptions = 'height=' + height + ',width=' + width + ',' + extras + ''; windoww = window.open(url,title,windowoptions); if (window.focus) {windoww.focus()} return false; } </script> Thanks for any help.
  4. I'm not sure but they won't change it. Should the usage be jumping that high though? The script for the downloads doesn't do any more mysql queries than the rest of the website. At least not be more than 1-2 if so. Why would it sky rocket just on the downloads section? If I had VPS would it still be going to high?
  5. My website was working fine and then all of a sudden I started getting a mysql error that says the "mysql_max_connections" limit has already been reached. On cPanel my cpu usage stats climbed insanely quick. It only does this when I access the downloads section of my website... No where else on the website does this occur. I've been looking through my code to find any open loops or things of that nature and I can't find anything... Here is the usage screenshot: Any ideas? Thanks!!
  6. Here's the query: $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM resources WHERE gameCat = '' ORDER BY systemCat,order_id"); I want something to happen when the systemCat changes in the results. Like this: if($row['systemCat'] CHANGES){ echo '<div id="seperator"></div>'; } Any ideas? Thank you!
  7. Where you have: $queryreg = mysql_query(" INSERT INTO users VALUES ('','$firstname','$lastname','$username','$password','$email','$date','$random','0',) "); Check the table names that are matching up with these values you are submitting: $queryreg = mysql_query("INSERT INTO users (firstname,lastname,username,password,email,date,random) VALUES ('$firstname','$lastname','$username','$password','$email','$date','$random')") or die(mysql_error()); Also check here: http://bgallz.org/24/using-php-with-email-activation/
  8. I have been trying to figure this out for a friend of mine that wants this done, but I have begun to think that it just isn't possible - for security reasons... I need to run a HTML form on an external website for each url selected - so run through a loop processing the form over and over... Something like: for($i=0;$i<=count($urls);$i++){ // run form on http://website.com using $url[$i] } Can this be done? I am thinking that without recreating the PHP script the site uses in the form, it can't.
  9. Edit: I got it working, nevermind. Thank you very much!
  10. I have this little function to change phpbb bbcode to regular: // Change phpbb bbcode to regular $search = array( '/\[([a-z]{1})\:^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,}$\]/is', '/\[\/([a-z]{1})\:^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,}$\]/is'); $replace = array( '[$1]', '[/$1]'); return preg_replace($search,$replace,$str); But it just returns the exact thing that's input. Input: [i:14wft08h][url:14wft08h]http://www.000webhost.com/216468.html[/url:14wft08h][/i:14wft08h] Output: [i:14wft08h][url:14wft08h]http://www.000webhost.com/216468.html[/url:14wft08h][/i:14wft08h] Any help, thanks!
  11. Anyone know how to make this work?
  12. Well, it's like I said above. Take the
  13. I have a code that uses preg_replace to create bbcode from the form submitted. Within the preg_replace is this: '/\[quote\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/is', '/\[quote\=(.*?)\](.*?)\[\/quote\]/is', This only works for one instance of the quote tag. I tried submitting something like [*quote=user1] lala [*quote=user2]ooo[/*quote][/*quote]. It only tags the first instance, how do I do this for multiple ones? Thanks!
  14. Okay, I guess I will use str_replace. Someone told me to use preg_replace for it at one time so I just went with that. =/ Thanks!
  15. On the page that displays the description of a download, I have this: include('./include/smilies.php'); $str = preg_replace($smileysearch, $smileyreplace, $str); smilies.php just has the two arrays. They are like this: $smileysearch = array( "", ); $smileyreplace = array( "<img src='images/smilies/1.gif' border='0' />", ); This displays an error of "No ending delimiter" I believe. What does this mean? I assume it has to do with the "" I have but I don't understand what's wrong with that. Please help! TY!
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