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  1. I use bash I know of http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysqlcc/ which works decent. The workbench I just hated. The MySQLCC program was the best I found, but I still prefer to use the CLI.
  2. search is busted...or missing..

  3. For lowend VPS's: My favorite: http://buyvm.net Other decent ones: http://hostigation.com http://budgetvm.com http://chicagovps.net/ I have 1 VPS with the "Others" and 22 with BuyVM
  4. I prefer Geany for Windows Its not Java, which is a huge + in my book. May not have all the flashy features, but is a nice lightweight IDE.
  5. 69 votes to 40 votes.... how is that misleading? Oh and moved my vote to Other for Geany.
  6. Never heard of it, I will have to look into that.
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