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  1. reallynotfakenews.com

  2. Okay, it must be the server adding slashes to GET variables due to magic_quotes being turned on. You'll need to either continue using stripslashes() or turn off magic_quotes via php.ini. Or account for both possibilities by checking for magic_quotes before using stripslashes(): if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) { $item = stripslashes($item); }
  3. IF the slashes are in your database, there is no way for us to know how they got there unless you explain how the data is entered. Are the slashes in your data? IF there are slashes in your data, you probably don't want them there, so fixing your data (and fixing whatever is adding slashes) seems logical to me. The alternative is to leave everything malfunctioning and write additional code to get around the problem. always.
  4. I suspect the apostrophes are in your data. If so, you'll need to either fix your data (best idea), or use strip_slashes() on the values to remove the slash in front of special characters.
  5. http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/php-coding-help/header-errors-read-here-before-posting-them/
  6. http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_forms.asp
  7. the code is obfuscated for one or two reasons: 1. to slightly prevent modification of the code and/or 2. it is malicious. as long as you remove the eval() from around the code, it will not execute. just like cigardude said.
  8. haha. my bad. try this: // printing table rows while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>".$row['alliance']."</td>\n"; echo "<td>".$row['region']."</td>\n"; echo "<td>".$row['coordx'].",".$row['coordy']."</td>\n"; echo "</tr>\n"; }
  9. // printing table rows while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { foreach($row as $Cell) { echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>".$Cell['alliance']."</td>\n"; echo "<td>".$Cell['region']."</td>\n"; echo "<td>".$Cell['coordx'].",".$Cell['coordy']."</td>\n"; echo "</tr>\n"; } }
  10. ANY output to browser before starting a session will cause that error. that includes HTML.
  11. a couple things: there is no TR open/close for the header row. your foreach needs curly brackets {} to surround the multiple lines of code executed within.
  12. /home/~unn_s003539/public_html/Sold/ is not the same as /var/www/vhosts/numyspace.co.uk/web_users/home/~unn_s003539/public_html/Sold/ $target is not a valid path, thus Unable to move '/tmp/phpUWYU51' to '/home/~unn_s003539/public_html/Sold/uploadsPC45 close up .jpg'
  13. pseudo-query (after validating/escaping get values): SELECT id, alliance, region, ABS(sqrt(($_GET['mex'] - coordx) ^ 2 + ($_GET['mey'] - coordy) ^ 2)) AS distance FROM some_table ORDER BY distance you'll probably want to use an absolute value, as negative distances will be encountered.
  14. i would include that formula in a MySQL query, sorting by distance ascending, limit something more than 10 in case there are multiples at the same distance. i don't know mysql square root syntax without a google search...
  15. parser is expecting something on line 1230, which means the error is probably before that line. we need more code.
  16. that is the only way i could think of to accomplish this. but it assumes the target site 1. will send PHPSESSID for you to use, 2. will take PHPSESSID from the URL and/or 3. is 'dumb' enough to let something like that work. it's essentially session highjacking. i don't know if apache and/or other web servers look for this stuff or not. it seems so obvious that i would expect there to be protection in place against it. a major concern is the sudden change of IP address from the server that logged in and the web browser that goes to the site afterward. also: user agent will change unless you adapt the user agent of the web browser before the login..... i am still very skeptical..
  17. we can give you general info about them, but no specifics without seeing the code. for instance, the first notice, Notice: Undefined index: usrename in C:\xampp\htdocs\ly.php on line 4 This means that you probably used the index usrename in reference to an array on line 4 of the file ly.php. in other words, you did this when there is no such thing: $something = $some_array['usrename'];
  18. also: i haven't tried parsing websites with Simple HTML DOM Parser. i just use preg_match. it seems that page you are trying to parse is very simple, even providing a label just before each piece of data, Schule:, Straße:, etc. if i was going to parse that page, i would take all content between the table tags, strip off the first Table Row, then strip_tags to leave only the label: value pairs in plain text. then i'd loop over the lines, matching each label: with it's value.
  19. you probably will not be able to accomplish this. here's why: when a browser (or your curl code) is logged in to 3rdparty.com, a cookie for the 3rdparty.com domain is set in the browser (or your code). you can't use your code to set the cookie for 3rdparty.com in the user's browser. therefore, the user's browser will not have the cookie and will not be considered logged in on 3rdparty.com.
  20. Javascript: Hide/display DIV's based on selections, using the onchange(), onclick() and/or other JS handlers.
  21. FYI: You'll run into problems having a form element with name='name' to select the selected, i use something like this: <option value = '1' <?php if ($type == 1) { echo "selected='selected'"; } ?>>Quests</option>
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