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  1. vim is my choice file management? do you mean something like Vim Project? vim has PHP function recognition, you just have to get the file from the vim site. regex search/replace has always existed in vim too. ftp is also supported. although i prefer scp via ssh every unix/linux machine out there will have vim or vi (older version) on it so if you do get used to vim, doing an urgent remote edit won't be a problem. there's tons more that vim can do. i'll admit it's not the most pleasant editor to get used to but once you do start using it, your productivity will shoot skywards because it's so efficient.
  2. Excellent. Thanks for replying to my PM I bought the second edition of the PHP bible about a year back. It helped me a bit but I don't like it. I feel it's too vague. I also own the XML bible and Administering Apache by Mark Arnold (it was a gift) and a bunch of Flash books which I don't use because I also stopped working with Flash over a year ago. I've decided to purchase these two books: 1. sams php and mysql web development 2. developers library advanced php programming The second one would be quite useful for me. I'm looking for something like that, that has information and design patterns and methods of programming and things like that. I'm actually looking for a guide to modular based programming. I found this link via the signature of a mod on this forum and I found it useful if anyone is interested: The Art of Unix Programming. I've also been searching for resources on the web for information on Kernel Architecture in general. My aim being, I want to learn good programming practices/concepts when it comes to building a module based, PHP written engine for anything from a CMS system to a simple website. I'm really learning a lot from the Apache architecture for that sort of thing. I browsed your site a bit...so you're into XML as well? I was experimenting with WDDX a while back and it popped into my mind again the other day. Have you tried it? If so, have you come accross any unusual uses for it apart from the general uses? If anyone can recommend any good books or online resources (preferred), then please do Much appreciated. Thanks. Bane, (Koobi, Housni Yakoob)
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