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  1. wow so sorry, i forgot about this thread. thanks for the replies that would mean not using try/catch at all. so then PHP5 can't trap multiple exceptions? yeah, i implemented that in PHP4 regularly using set_error_handler() and trigger_error() but PHP5 has exceptions so i want to use that. how would you go about trapping multiple exceptions in Java?
  2. I wasn't aware that any PC fully supporting vista unless you want to run vista by itself (it doesn't play nice with others) i don't think i understand what you've said there. how do you mean? if you want to run linux of a USB later on, consider Slax Linux instead. i don't think you can use Linux or any other version of Windows to get your password back other than the Windows XP that you have already installed and are having problems with. have you looked around the microsoft knowledgebase for this sort of thing?
  3. yeah that's a good point. but some distro's do all that for you i believe. but i'm talking about linux here and he is probably talking about windows in which case he would need to create the boot sector. what is the OS you are trying to get into vinze? XP?
  4. if your BIOS allows you to boot via USB i don't see why you can't do this. i had a linux distro that ran off the USB once, like a live CD and i used to boot it via USB from my BIOS.
  5. i agree with wildteen's suggestion for using ini_set(). you can do that from within your PHP scripts and it makes life a whole lot easier because maintenance is easy and porting your code isn't an issue.
  6. ok then check to see (using phpino() is the most reliable in case you're looking at the wrong ini file) if extension_dir points to 'E:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Additional\Php\extensions' and if that works as well, comment out the extension in php.ini and make sure enable_dl is set to 'On' in php.ini then restart IIS (if it is required. i've only worked with Apache which requires a reload at least when php.ini is changed) and try loading the dll within PHP using dl() actually, i'm not sure if IIS will even accept enable_dl()...sorry. but give it a try if nothing else works.
  7. yeah for SLAX you need something in the excess of 300MB RAM to copy to RAM in order to eject the booting media. you can also run SLAX on a USB, however, i don't think you have that option. technically you should be able to boot at least an old lite kernel from a floppy. i just googled and found this: linux on a floppy
  8. try boo's suggestion...if that doesn't work, make sure that dll has the right permissions to be accessed by the IIS user.
  9. actually, i mistyped. i was paying 119 USD for a host with a similar config. not exactly those configs. yeah i could use FTP to transfer files, etc. but the thing is, i prefer to do my editing on the remote host itself. so i would log into a shell and then use vim to edit the file on the server. that way i dont have to upload a file everytime i make a tiny change. actually you're right about .htaccess. i forgot that Apache as a CGI also accepts .htaccess. sorry about that. but i don't think mod_rewrite will work on Apache as a CGI. but i'm not sure about that, must look that up. lol i called godaddy the other day, this girl answered, she was a bit confused when i told her my requirements but then she checked with someone and began to answer me but gave me the wrong details. but hey she had a cute voice so i didnt really mind hehe i've got a buddy using godaddy's super deluxe account. doesn't seem to have any problems with it..but he only uses it to backup his OS files.
  10. semantics come into play a lot IMO
  11. i forgot about this thread well i managed to mount the drive and backup what I wanted. i'll run an e2fsck over the weekend and see if there's any physical damage. don't uncross those fingers yet neylitalo
  12. i used to be heavily into the local music scene so i'm friends with this studio engineer guy and he mostly uses Steinberg Nuendo. he mostly records voicing for radio advertisements and local recording artistes. i've used cubase and nuendo centuries ago but i don't really remember the difference but they were similar...or at least looked similar, back then.
  13. wow really? it just broke without you editing anything? that's not right :/ i even noticed a lot of spelling mistakes in their GUI. i've considered that but unfortunately it's not an option on our live dedicated server because apache seems to be tied to plesk in a way i don't quite understand just yet. so i'd have to keep apache as is. i did however try letting zend core install its own apache on another machine. i dont remember what exactly hapenned but i dont remember it being successful. in any case, i am provided with the option to use my installed web server or install the bundled server, neither option seems to work :/ thing is, i'm not sure if i've done something wrong. i mean i'm sure there are many people who use it but i haven't seen a case like mine before which is why i made this thread. thanks for the replies so far guys
  14. Has anyone had any experience with Zend Core 2 or Zend Core for Oracle? The installation seems VERY buggy. Feels more like a Beta really. It asks you if you want to install the bundled Apache, I selected no but it created an Apache dir in the Zend dir as well as an apache startup file in /etc/rd.c The problem is, it keeps asking to restart Apache after a change is made and it seems to be pointing to another Apache file that I can't locate and so changes made from the UI don't reflect on the system. It's insanely frustrating because I can't get it to work properly and the Zend support takes over two days to reply (we've purchased 3 of their other products) and the client is getting frustrated as well, understandably so. So, has anyone else had a similar experience? I just want to know if i'm the only one because i feel kinda silly that i can't get it to work :/
  15. hmmm a lot of negative posts here... there's one thing though. if you give a woman a bunch of choices instead of an ultimatum, she will probably come to middle ground. the problem is that all those choices have to be choices that suit her needs!
  16. I've just recently started really exploring the new features of PHP 5. I'm writing a validation exception class that extends PHP's built-in base exception class. Here's a simple example: class Validation { function __construct() { } public validate_int ($value) { if (FALSE === ctype_digit($value)) { //assume that Validation_Exception is a class that exists that handles exceptions and is very similar //to the standard exception class. throw new Validation_Exception('Invalid integer input', SOME_CONSTANT_VALUE); } else { return TRUE; } } public validate_alnum ($value) { if (FALSE === ctype_alnum($value)) { throw new Validation_Exception('Invalid alphanumeric input', SOME_OTHER_CONSTANT_VALUE); } else { return TRUE; } } try { $val = new Validation(); $val->validate_int('5d'); $val->validate_alnum('5.2'); } catch (Exception_Validation $e) { echo $e->__toString(); } Since both inputs are not valid, the validation should fail. The way it's currently structured, I only recieve one error message at a time. What is the most effective/flexible way to display all exceptions at the same time? Thanks for reading.
  17. Haha not completely. I just cant understand it that when you're having an argument that you're 99.999% guaranteed to win because you're totally in the right, they unleash their magic box of tricks that leaves you not only speechless, but also on the sore end of yet another losing argument. And yet still you can't live without 'em. Oh well you TOTALLY nailed that one! it's like a secret talent.
  18. any suggestions for a cheap but reasonably priced VPS? i'll try godaddy now. i called site5 last week but everytime i called their sales reps were busy and it was an international call so i didn't hang on for long :/
  19. wel, i'm trying to learn Apache. i use a lot of it's modules...like mod_rewrite, etc. besides Apache is faster and even for PHP, more things work in Apache like Basic Authentication for example...also there's so many things about .htaccess that makes life so easy. and there's are some things related to HTTP headers also i believe...that i can't quite remember regarding shell access, this is what they told me via email: i don't really need cpanel to administrate anything. the main reason i need a shell is i do a lot of remote editing via vim and i manipulate the files via SSH a lot so not having a shell would feel like i've lost an arm :/
  20. yeah, i was quite shocked at how quickly their sales team responded. unfortunately, their packages don't quite suit my needs :/ i require the following: but they don't provide a shell. they also run PHP as a CGI. too bad though, they seem like a customer oriented company at first impression.
  21. i don't think it was A because I've installed Ubuntu on this same IDE HDD a while ago using my motherboard to show my friend how it worked. It can't be B either because I'm trying to boot from SATA right? And my GRUB is only mapped to my SATA. the thing is, i couldn't even boot through live CD with the IDE connected. it seems like connecting this IDE slows things down...there must be some physical damage to it since it has worked fine before. any idea what this could be? i'm really crappy at the whole hardware thing :/ i just know how to turn the PC on and off hehe I tried booting SATA and IDE again, and I left it for a long time...after about 10 minutes, it finally started progressing and it booted. I'm going to try and mount the IDE manually and I hope I can access it. Fingers crossed neylitalo!
  22. ace-host is that good huh? i might give them a try then. i have been with Dreamhost for a while...they were good initially but i'm having a really shitty time with them right now. before i purchased an account, i told the sales team my requirements and one of them as PHP running as an Apache module and they guaranteed that but now, it only functions as a CGI and apparently this is because they can't monitor stats when it runs as an Apache module. frankly i feel cheated :/ i wouldnt mind if their rates were cheap but their rates have doubled (190USD per year i think) and their support services have dropped as well apart from a few members of their staff. they don't even bother to read the support ticket history sometimes so i have to begin from the top everytime a new support member takes his shift :/ i'll mail ace-host and ask them...i know i can't live without PHP as an Apache module and full SSH access so i hope they have it.
  23. hehe well here's an update. now booting the 80GB IDE with SATA didn't work. so i got a hold of a working 10GB IDE and booted it with SATA and the system booted into my SATA. i then mounted the 10GB IDE and i can access the drive. however, the 80GB IDE doesn't even boot up past the point where linux mounts root partitions. i'm hoping that my friends 80GB HDD hasn't crashed because i have also backed up some critical data on it :/
  24. i agree with thorpe. if you're writing a class or a function, you probably use it more than once and for different apllications of that function, you might have to react differently based on the error. thorpe mentioned exceptions in PHP 5 (i'm only just learning that :/), but if you're on PHP 4, try set_error_handler() and trigger_error()
  25. try turning 'display_errors' to the 'On' state in php.ini
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