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  1. i ran the script using the modified script from rhodesa and it worked fine are you sure there isn't a problem with your sql query are you specifying $tablename Scott .
  2. try just running the example script from the website and see if you can open that if you can then it is your script that is broken Scott.
  3. what version of excel are you using i used the example script and successfully opened it with excel 2003 i do get a message saying it has been locked for editing but it still opens Scott.
  4. you need to remove the $excel->close(); form your while loop because it is closing the file after writing the first loop. put it after you } at the end of the loop like this: } $excel->close(); that should fix it. Scott.
  5. you need to specify the file it is writing the excel file to change $excel=new ExcelWriter(); to $excel=new ExcelWriter("myXls.xls"); that should work Scott.
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