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  1. Hello, I'm trying to insert some arabic characters into MSSQL. I'm preparing the value with this: iconv('UTF-8', 'cp1256//TRANSLIT', $string); Which is working fine as it supposed to. The problem is the character ی. If a word contains it, that character gets deleted in iconv. Apparently it is not list in cp1256? The similar character to it is ي (with 2 dots under it) but it doesn't get converted to it. I tried replacing these characters manually and it worked fine. Wanted to know why it is not accepting that character and if there are better ways than replacing manually? Thanks for your time. PS. In a hex editor when I enter ی it gives me ? sign. but when I enter ي it gives me ED. Something is wrong with that character.
  2. Hi Is it possible i set a limit for the number of the rows of a table ? Like i set it fir 30. after rows of the table reached 30 , when new rows inserted , it deletes the oldest row and insert the new row. so that it remain alwasy 30 rows but updated. is that possible with only mysql query?
  3. hey guys i have this flash in my site : <EMBED name="objf5" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" src="my_flash.swf" width="120" height="60" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" /> there's a menu with css, (using ul list and hover...) upon that flash object. the problem is i can't get this flash under the menu. when i navigate to menu link and menu opens, it goes under the flash. i've tried setting z index for flash and for the menu, menu higher than flash, but it won't work. so always the dopped down menu goes under the flash. any idea? thanks
  4. asmith


    hey guys i'm trying to create some captcha-type image with arabic letters. i can't save the file as unicode, cause php do nothing about it (only a white page) . when i save as utf-8 , php do not show images , it shows : 挑`?꜓3Ji 1Դښqii(?RbҒRҩ?????--%-"д JZE!ii)i????E?JZ BҒR?E!h )?????R???R- J)??()-%-"д????BҊAE"СE ??R????hZQIE"?RZJ`? !?C JZJ bRRғ!?i -%2X??(?C???? JJZJd? ?Hh%?%-%2???? ... more than half of page about that. using utf-8 make html pages able to read arabic letters right, but won't work for php. any idea? thanks a lot
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