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  1. One of my tables "lner" in my steam db is being trashed by an evil person and I need some help and advice please For instance I have a field called 1946# which should show a year and a month eg "1946#Jan" however in a table of 10500 record 7000 have be replace with 255 not all of them had an entry but I need to remove the 255. I can normaly change field content with something like UPDATE lner SET 1946# = REPLACE(1946#, "255" , "") However this fails although it works on other fields The evil one has also changed my 255 byte notes (Blob) a with randon 5 digit numbers or just 0 I have no idea how to delete an 0 without wrecking other valid numbers that i do not want changed. can I isolate the 0 so it is the only one effected ? Apart from changing my password again (it has happend before) how else can I protect my data any assistance would be most welcome Regards Topshed
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