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  1. Hi MySQL Gurus, I'm wondering if someone knows how to prevent mysqldump from adding new lines in stored procedures upon each database dump (backup). Alternatively a way of "removing all new lines from all stored procedure bodies in a database" as an SQL command would be awesome.
  2. Nullable? No.

  3. Thanks I ended up doing the following... 1) Stop MySQL Service 2) Initialize default mysql database ("data" folder) using command line mysqld.exe --initialize --user=mysql 3) Run (start) MySQL with passwords disabled mysqld.exe -u mysql --skip-grant-tables 4) Manually edit `mysql`.`user` table passwords
  4. I'm trying to fresh install the latest version of MySQL manually. When I download it from mysql.com I get the file "mysql-5.7.9-winx64.zip", but unlike previous versions it has no "data" folder and a near empty "my.ini" file. Could someone more learned let me know what is going on with this?
  5. I ain't no weeblewobble

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