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  1. It's a syntax error. You're more than likely missing an opening or closing bracket/quote/param somewhere in that humongous 1273+ line file. I'd say post it the entire file, but almost no one here is going to go through 1273+ lines of code to find a single syntax error, lol. In your favorite PHP editor, find out if you're opening something you're not closing.
  2. From the code you've pasted, we can only tell you that you've closed two brackets without opening two brackets.
  3. JavaScript happens on the users machine, and if you want to delay a function call for hours, or even days, chances are the person will close their browser by then
  4. Perhaps updating the database right away, and then caching the results for the user for a certain period of time would be a solution. Otherwise you'd probably have to store everything in a temporary directory, and then set up a cron job to scan the folder and make the DB updates.
  5. It's hard to tell without the error, go in your web.config file and make sure this is there: <configuration> <system.web> <customErrors mode="Off"/> </system.web> </configuration>
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