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  1. [quote author=Vermillion link=topic=106377.msg977426#msg977426 date=1219988485] I like children and fantasy. My name comes from a fantasy RPG, in which Vermillion is a guy that protects a little girl. Vermillion is also a pretty color. [/quote] As well as a city in Pokemon games. Vermillion City Ya...I played.
  2. [quote author=corbin link=topic=106377.msg970566#msg970566 date=1219291392] [quote author=cgm225 link=topic=106377.msg969942#msg969942 date=1219237560] [quote author=Derleek link=topic=106377.msg969749#msg969749 date=1219214428] derleek my balls please! [/quote] (1) I think the quote and proper spelling is: "You can derelict my balls, capi-tan." [quote author=phpSensei link=topic=106377.msg969723#msg969723 date=1219209893] I think I am the only coder in the world that has never seen more than 1 episode of star trek, or watched star wars.[/quote] (2) I have seen star wars, but have NEVER seen an episode of star trek... you're not alone! [/quote] I've seen all the Star Wars, but I can't stand Star Trek.  I've seen about 5 minutes of an episode and been like "OH GOD!" then turned it off. [/quote] All I know is the captain sleeps with a new green alien atleast every episode, but I agree it looks pretty difficult to sit through. Although I have seen all the star wars, doesn't do much for me though. I personally think I enjoyed LoTR more. Something about it sparks my imagination a little more.
  3. you forgot the i's i commonly see associated with the xo as well.. XiOiOiOiiXixPHPsenseixiiXiPoniesxOixOxiOxOixOxiOxo0XXXXXiiXXXooXXiiXXOOXXXiiXXXXXXXXXXXXoooooioioioXXxxxXXxxxx there we go
  4. For ALL MAC USERS!!! Coda is the BEST text-editor I've found. Google it, and find out why.
  5. I think so, don't hold me on that, but using AJAX is soo much easier and more effective.
  6. Wow I wish I had been exposed to it that early. Same for guitar I'm a male.
  7. unsider was inspired by an aphex twin song, not sure how, but ya, started using it for games, etc.. and eventually I started using it for everything.
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