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  1. I will think about it. Honestly the whole point of this project was really learn a lot more about php. I've just always used it to just get by when needed and I stopped doing web design work a few years ago.(Joined the military) but php is just a fun hobby I am trying to pick back up. For me I don't see the challenge in a framework. I need a challenge or I get bored.
  2. OK. Yeah my plan was to clean it up to make it more read able but maybe you are right and I should first attack the security then clean it. I got the login system off of github but yeah its a dead project on it. So I guess now I will dump the login system that I have, then fix all the XSS issues in my code. Then work in or write a new login system. I think removing the current member system will make it way easier to clean up the code.
  3. I'm working on my first real project that I coded (other than the user system). I could use some help to know what I could and should clean up in my coding. I am self taught. I know I need to add sanitize codes to the field inputs and that is in the works. Do you see something that would make more sense to be a function in the functions.php include? Index.php <?php include_once 'includes/db_connect.php'; include_once 'includes/functions.php'; sec_session_start(); $PageTitle="Open Managment"; function customPageHeader(){?> <script type="text/JavaScript" src="js/sha512.js"></s
  4. So I noticed the home page has not been updated since last time I used the forum about 6 years ago. Isn't it about time to either do away with that or update it. I never liked it when it was added but now its kind of lame since its really outdated. why not just use forum.phpfreaks.com as the home page?
  5. Ok this should be the very last thing. So I'm working on the code for the auto update of the rent. I'm not sure how to start the loop. Here is the code so far <?php include_once 'includes/db_connect.php'; //before the loop $date = date(Y.m.d); $dt2 = new DateTime($date); //during $results = $mysqli->query("SELECT rent, start_date FROM tenancy WHERE tent_id ='$tent_id'"); while($row = $results->fetch_array()) { $rent = $row["rent"]; $movein = $row["start_date"]; } $results->free(); $dt1 = new DateTime($movein); $occupancy = $dt1->diff($dt2); $time = $occupancy->format(
  6. The question was about doing things automatically. So I'll look I to chron jobs.
  7. OK makes sense so instead of making another table for keeping track of fees just add them into payment just make them negative. I'm sure it's obvious I'm not a real programmer and don't pretend to be but I'm trying to do this right and not just hack it together. Just a hobby for me. Lots a tutorials for me haha. Can you point me in the right direction to have it add rent at the first of the month I've never done anything like that.
  8. So I'm about caught up in my coding to get to the point of calculating rent, fees and such. tables now look like: (payment)id | tenancy_id | date | amount | amount_type_id | note (payment_type) id | type (property)id | title | address | occupied (tenancy)id | property_id | tent_id | rent | late | start_date | end_date | current (tenant)id | first_name | last_name | email | phone | current both currents and occupied are a tiny int for 1/0 if they are currently occupied or living somewhere updated with move out script so still thinking about the math I think I need a another table f
  9. mac_g that makes since. I was planning originally to have it where you just edit the property when someone else moves in but this works better because then you still have a record of the last person and such. thanks for the suggestion.
  10. benanamen, I like that idea will be adding that table. the plan for this is just to do the basic accounting for now. So far most of the software I have found is either an attempt to be your own personal zillow for doing listings or complex CMS. I will be checking out tenant cloud.
  11. I am working on a application to keep track of rent for multiple houses. Making this for a friend to use but once I have it working I'm going to put it out open source for anyone to use. So the only thing I'm stumped on is keeping track of late fees. I'm not sure where to start on this. late fees start if you haven't payed by the 5th of the month but is also waveable. I feel like I need to keep track of something else in the tables to do this right now I have 2 tables for it. Maybe add a balance table? one has the property info the other has payment info it looks like this: (propery)
  12. So I just wanted to say hi again its been years since I logged in on here. I'm Back! Its also been years since I have payed with php but I have to say I love PHP7! I still type like a 10 year old and still cant spell haha.
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