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  1. Eh, we are droping this project due to the fact that both of us see no real potential for this website we are going back to plan A and if any one would like to join the team contact me at servermans@gmail.com or IM me on yahoo (dont email yahoo i dont check the mail) unix_revolver ok well we are making an html tutorial/ php tutorial with some quizzes and freescripts here and there and a forum so kinda combinding phpfreaks and w3schools
  2. logout doesnt seem to work... ???
  3. hmm i got IE 7 and firefox 2.0 and see them fine but have are hex for the bullet and the other half are the &bull
  4. thats a really bad photo (the one with the flipflop) it looks like a bunch of people were smoking out there before you took that picture. also it looks like a beach dune were i am its illegal to drive / walk on dunes
  5. sorry to post 2 times but it wont let me go edit my last post.. should i take off the banner ads... i was reading a post and they said that its better to start off with no ads... so should i take it off and just have Google ad sense? ... guess I'm not almost done! ...still having fun tho so its all good!
  6. thanks for the feedback... ive now taken down the intro page and the background might look stupid because im playing with it and then I am gonna make it all valid xhtml... and im gonna start B*tching to my content writer to get to writing!! lol oh and the test background isn't on the home page its on the tools index page and im playing with the css oh just so you know both the content writer and i, are 16 and we have been doing this with little help only help i have been getting is from you guy (ive been doing php for about 4 months working with unix for about half a year, working with html/xhtml for about 2 years and css about 1 1/2 years (and i have the worst grammer/spelling) and ive been working for a year to save up money to buy a server(parts to build a server) and my own ISP
  7. ok i have this make homepage in javascript <script type="text/javascript">function makeDefault(element){element.style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)';element.setHomePage('http://www.google.com');}</script> and you must hit <a onClick="makeDefault(this)" target="_self" href="">Make Home Page </a> but i want it in php ... well i don't really care if its php i really want is that it will be valid xhtml 1.0 and i don't want it to be a submit button
  8. hmm, ok i thought the bg img was to busy my self but i got to talk to my Designer about that one... she really likes it, now what do you main by dated... oh and do you think i should use divs over tables?
  9. something like the <?php if ($AIM = ""){ echo "Not inputted in form.";} else { echo $AIM; } .... something like that or you could do like this <?php if(!$email || !$fullname) { die("Fill the form properly!"); }?>
  10. Ok, I've done some work on it here and there added some new scripts and stuff and its almost ready for the web... just waiting on some content and i got to make it look pretty. once i do that I'm gonna get an ISP for the server and a domain! well check it out now please tell me how you feel about the layout and every thing...
  11. i think thats a proxy adress ... http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?ip= else there this company in Amsterdam NL is trying to hack you
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