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  1. gork4life

    Soap,php, and wsdl files

    Ok thanks I'm tring to create a webservice in php. My servercode is <?php ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_enabled',0); ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_ttl',0); $soap_server = new SoapServer('Notification.wsdl'); $soap_server->addFunction('Notify'); function Notify($message) { return array('message' => $message); } $soap_server->handle(); ?> And I'm trying to create a client for the service using this code <?php include 'soap_server.php'; $soap_client = new SoapClient('https://localhost:8888/Soap/Notification.wsdl', array( 'proxy_host' => 'localhost', 'proxy_port' => '8888', 'local_cert' => 'APX_WS_API1.cer' )); try{ $result = $soap_client->__soapCall('Notify',array('message' => 'Hello World')); echo $result; }catch(SoapFault $e){ echo "Error: " . $e->faultcode; } ?> The problem is when I run this I get could not connect to host error. If I can do this with JSONP. How can I do this with the wsdl file that I have to use? Please help?
  2. gork4life

    Soap,php, and wsdl files

    I'm new to soap and webservices , and wanting to know do I have to use soap with a wsdl file, or can I use something else like json?

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