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  1. Ok I have this text: User Name (Real Name) I want to grab the text "User Name" and "Real Name" separately? How can I split them, I know it has something to do with Strpos and Substr, but I just cant get it right or anywhere close, this is where I get before getting all kinds of confused: $pos = strpos($author, "("); $name= substr($author, $pos, -1);
  2. Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before, but can anyone recommend any good sites for free business orientated web templates? I have a site already using myBB, but I want to change the front page layouts and subsequent pages, but my design skills are nill. I did try search the site first but unfortunately "templates" is a very common word on these forums
  3. Oops! This link appears to be broken.Suggestions: •Reload this page later •View cached copy of page from Google •Search on Google:
  4. Can anyone tell me why regardless of which way I order the info retreived the database the "Scanner" always comes out on top? <?php $sql = "SELECT ASSET_TYPE_ID, ASSET_TYPE_NAME FROM tblassettype ORDER BY ASSET_TYPE_NAME ASC"; $result=mysql_query($sql); while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $id=$row["ASSET_TYPE_ID"]; $name=$row["ASSET_TYPE_NAME"]; echo "<option VALUE=\"$id\">".$name."</OPTION>"; } ?> Contents of table: 1 Monitor 2 Laptop 3 PC 4 Printer 5 Switch 6 Router 7 Scanner 8 Server 9 KVM 10 Tape Drive Yet regardless of if the table is sorted ASC or DESC, the item 7 Scanner is either very top or very bottom of list?
  5. I havent done any php in a long time and I was never an expert at it when I did. I remember having particular problems with dates, calculations and storing dates in uk formats. So I am basically making an asset database and want to record things like date of purchase. Warranty expiration date etc. I will then want to create a report screen later that will allow us to view all items where the warranty expiration is due in the next X amount of months for example. The dates will be input on a form basis and in uk date format: DD/MM/YYYY So what type of field should I be using in the database to make this process easier?
  6. See this is what happens when you dont get to do any programming for a while. THanks MadTechie
  7. I have done quite a bit of PHP in the past and mostly with forms and stuff. I have always used action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" with no issues. However I am just starting a new form for someone and when submit is clicked then I am getting a 404 error and the URL is displayed as: Any ideas why?
  8. I am not a JS expert, but is it just me or does this look like it will only ever use the first 2 images? document.writeln('<div id="main2" style="position:relative;width:'+scrollerwidth+';height:'+scrollerheight+';overflow:hidden;background-color:'+scrollerbgcolor+'">') document.writeln('<div style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';height:'+scrollerheight+';clip:rect(0 '+scrollerwidth+' '+scrollerheight+' 0);left:0px;top:0px">') document.writeln('<div id="first2" style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';left:1px;top:0px;">') document.write(slideimages[0]) <----- IMAGE 1 document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('<div id="second2" style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';left:0px;top:0px">') document.write(slideimages[1]) <----- IMAGE 2 document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('</div>') If I alter the values [1] and [0] to other numbers in the array it displays a different 2 images.
  9. Please help I have been racking my brains over this for hours. <?php get_header(); ?> <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>"> <h2 class="posttitle"><?php the_title(); ?></h2> <?php if ($post->ID == 18) { echo "<p style='text-align: center;'><img src='images/index_site_header.jpg' title='K Rouse Civil Engineers Head Office' title='K Rouse Civil Engineers Head Office' border='0' /></p>"; } ?> <?php // Beginning of Image Loop if ($post->ID == 206) { ?> <script language="JavaScript1.2"> ///////configure the below four variables to change the style of the slider/////// //set the scrollerwidth and scrollerheight to the width/height of the LARGEST image in your slideshow! var scrollerwidth='500px' var scrollerheight='325px' var scrollerbgcolor='#FFFFFF' //3000 miliseconds=3 seconds var pausebetweenimages=3000 //configure the below variable to change the images used in the slideshow. If you wish the images to be clickable, simply wrap the images with the appropriate <a> tag var slideimages=new Array() slideimages[0]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/9.JPG">' slideimages[1]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/10.JPG">' slideimages[2]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/65.JPG">' slideimages[3]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/64.JPG">' slideimages[4]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/63.JPG">' slideimages[5]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/4.JPG">' slideimages[6]='<img src="./wp-content/uploads/images/contracts/cheetham/2.JPG">' //extend this list ///////Do not edit pass this line/////////////////////// var ie=document.all var dom=document.getElementById if (slideimages.length>1) i=2 else i=0 function move1(whichlayer){ tlayer=eval(whichlayer) if (tlayer.left>0&&tlayer.left<=5){ tlayer.left=0 setTimeout("move1(tlayer)",pausebetweenimages) setTimeout("move2(document.main.document.second)",pausebetweenimages) return } if (tlayer.left>=tlayer.document.width*-1){ tlayer.left-=5 setTimeout("move1(tlayer)",50) } else{ tlayer.left=parseInt(scrollerwidth)+5 tlayer.document.write(slideimages[i]) tlayer.document.close() if (i==slideimages.length-1) i=0 else i++ } } function move2(whichlayer){ tlayer2=eval(whichlayer) if (tlayer2.left>0&&tlayer2.left<=5){ tlayer2.left=0 setTimeout("move2(tlayer2)",pausebetweenimages) setTimeout("move1(document.main.document.first)",pausebetweenimages) return } if (tlayer2.left>=tlayer2.document.width*-1){ tlayer2.left-=5 setTimeout("move2(tlayer2)",50) } else{ tlayer2.left=parseInt(scrollerwidth)+5 tlayer2.document.write(slideimages[i]) tlayer2.document.close() if (i==slideimages.length-1) i=0 else i++ } } function move3(whichdiv){ tdiv=eval(whichdiv) if (parseInt(tdiv.style.left)>0&&parseInt(tdiv.style.left)<=5){ tdiv.style.left=0+"px" setTimeout("move3(tdiv)",pausebetweenimages) setTimeout("move4(scrollerdiv2)",pausebetweenimages) return } if (parseInt(tdiv.style.left)>=tdiv.offsetWidth*-1){ tdiv.style.left=parseInt(tdiv.style.left)-5+"px" setTimeout("move3(tdiv)",50) } else{ tdiv.style.left=scrollerwidth tdiv.innerHTML=slideimages[i] if (i==slideimages.length-1) i=0 else i++ } } function move4(whichdiv){ tdiv2=eval(whichdiv) if (parseInt(tdiv2.style.left)>0&&parseInt(tdiv2.style.left)<=5){ tdiv2.style.left=0+"px" setTimeout("move4(tdiv2)",pausebetweenimages) setTimeout("move3(scrollerdiv1)",pausebetweenimages) return } if (parseInt(tdiv2.style.left)>=tdiv2.offsetWidth*-1){ tdiv2.style.left=parseInt(tdiv2.style.left)-5+"px" setTimeout("move4(scrollerdiv2)",50) } else{ tdiv2.style.left=scrollerwidth tdiv2.innerHTML=slideimages[i] if (i==slideimages.length-1) i=0 else i++ } } function startscroll(){ if (ie||dom){ scrollerdiv1=ie? first2 : document.getElementById("first2") scrollerdiv2=ie? second2 : document.getElementById("second2") move3(scrollerdiv1) scrollerdiv2.style.left=scrollerwidth } else if (document.layers){ document.main.visibility='show' move1(document.main.document.first) document.main.document.second.left=parseInt(scrollerwidth)+5 document.main.document.second.visibility='show' } } window.onload=startscroll </script> <ilayer id="main" width=&{scrollerwidth}; height=&{scrollerheight}; bgColor=&{scrollerbgcolor}; visibility=hide> <layer id="first" left=1 top=0 width=&{scrollerwidth}; > <script language="JavaScript1.2"> if (document.layers) document.write(slideimages[0]) </script> </layer> <layer id="second" left=0 top=0 width=&{scrollerwidth}; visibility=hide> <script language="JavaScript1.2"> if (document.layers) document.write(slideimages[1]) </script> </layer> </ilayer> <script language="JavaScript1.2"> if (ie||dom){ document.writeln('<div id="main2" style="position:relative;width:'+scrollerwidth+';height:'+scrollerheight+';overflow:hidden;background-color:'+scrollerbgcolor+'">') document.writeln('<div style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';height:'+scrollerheight+';clip:rect(0 '+scrollerwidth+' '+scrollerheight+' 0);left:0px;top:0px">') document.writeln('<div id="first2" style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';left:1px;top:0px;">') document.write(slideimages[0]) document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('<div id="second2" style="position:absolute;width:'+scrollerwidth+';left:0px;top:0px">') document.write(slideimages[1]) document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('</div>') document.writeln('</div>') } </script> <p align=\"center\"><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"-2\">Cheetham Hill Manchester<br> <a href=\"http://www.krouse.co.uk\">K Rouse</a></font></p> <?php } // End of Image Loop ?> <?php the_content(__('Read the rest of this page »')); ?> <?php wp_link_pages(); ?> <?php edit_post_link(__('Edit'), '<p>', '</p>'); ?> </div> <?php endwhile; endif; ?> <?php get_sidebar(); ?> <?php get_footer(); ?> It is the page template file from a wordpress theme that I have added some java into from a script here: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/leftrightslide2.htm Now I have tried every way possible and I just cannot get it work right. IT is meant to loop through the images you specify in the array. It loops through the first 2 no problems but then when the subsequent images are meant to come up it just says "Undefined". IT is driving me crackers. If I take the code and put it in a html file then no problems whatsoever
  10. Try $fetch_email = mysql_query($query_private); $row = mysql_fetch_row($fetch_email); and if(!empty($row[0])) { $this->body .= "<input type=text name=b[email] value=\"".$row[0]."\" class=details>";
  11. Basically what you are needing to do is to record the date when posting your blog to your database. The for your archive simply create the sql queries to order them by date and output the results. YOu can split them in to day year month etc by performing calculations on the date they were entered and the date now. http://uk3.php.net/date
  12. Now I am not on about tag clouds here so. Like in the premade forum scripts you have tags in the templates for {user.name} and this grab the username of the person, so the person doing the template doesnt need php code to grab the data from database or session. How can I acheive something similar myself? I dont know what you would call this process so I have called a tag library, please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. i have asked this before I think, but it was a long time ago. i am creating a database for work and I need to create an audit trail of who did what. Is there anyway to set up triggers on a mySQL database so that when a field is update it captures certain information in to another table in the database?
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