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  1. You need to look at a solution that will move the actual market, not re-load the whole map area. Load the updated lat/lon via json, then reset the marker position.
  2. It's called casting, i.e. as above, converting from one type to another. In most cases not necessary with PHP, as it implicitly converts when necessary.
  3. Is that two return statements in isLoggedIn? The second one will never be executed.
  4. You could do somedomain.com/clientname and use mod_rewrite (via .htaccess) or some other "friendly" url scheme to push all request to one file, which you use to look up the client's details in the db. Also consider looking into WordPress, which has multisite functionality, and auto sign-up options as well.
  5. You can also set $_GET['trace'] = 'blah'; But it's not a great idea.
  6. After splitting the CSV into an array, you can iterate through it and check for an email with filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)
  7. HEREDOC syntax is ended by the delimiter defined at the start, followed by a semicolon, followed by a newline. There was no newline, therefore it is not being recognised as the end of the HEREDOC. Adding an extra \n did the trick.
  8. black box bug? i think a black hole might solve the bug that is IE.
  9. Yeah I've heard that there was another background bug in the beta which has been marked as fixed in the upcoming public release, so hopefully this one is too.
  10. Coolio cheers BoltZ, thats what i've done.
  11. Dropped them an email, but couldn't see anywhere to upload. Did I miss it?
  12. Cheers. Righto well had a quick squiz on PIE and can't find anything close....though probably someone out there on the wibble has found this one before. I'll keep looking, but any further tips would be great.
  13. Update: When the link is active (clicked on), then the hover will work. Weird as.
  14. Hey guys, I may have found a new bug in IE8, googled around a bit but can't find anything close...maybe someone here knows whats going on? Anyway, basically just a div with background colour, and inside sits a block displayed link, transparent in its normal state, but with a background image when hovered over. Test case at http://esquimaux.com.au/ie8bgtest/test.html So the HTML is like this (bare in mind the actual case is valid XHTML 1.1): <body> <div id="outer"> <a href="#" id="inner">test</a> </div> </body> And the CSS as follows: div#outer { width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: #00FF00; } a#inner { display: block; width: 100px; height: 100px; background: transparent; } a#inner:hover { background: transparent url(testbg.png); } So its meant to just be a green square with the test link in it, and as you hover over it the backgroun image kicks in and the sits over the whole div, so the whole square goes blue (as thats the colour of the bg image). Works great in all good browsers, even IE6 and 7, but not IE8 (curiously though it does work in IE8 compatibility mode). In IE8 the bg image doesnt show. Any other hover css will work (changing link colour etc). Also, it will work if the initial link css doesnt have background: transparent set, but i need that tag for the site im working on. So it seems the IE8 can't overide the background: transparent on hover state. Any ideas?
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