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  1. Well we want to create 4 completely different sites but all need to feed off of the same user/profiles/accounts/etc tables.  I asked #1 question how many tables can 1 db have before performance starts being an issue?  My first option was to just prefix the tables to help with organization but I wonder if say 200 tables is better than 4 databases with 50 each.
  2. Two questions: 1. Does the # of tables in a db affect the performance? 2. Is it possible to "replicate" or "link" tables from 1 db to another?... [table] [tr] [td][b]DB: core[/b][/td] [td][b]DB: app1[/b][/td] [td][b]DB: app2[/b][/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Table: users (id,username)[/td] [td]Table: albums (id,user_id,name)[/td] [td]Table: messages (id,user_id,name)[/td] [/tr] [/table] Is there any way to setup mysql to "link" from core.users so the table is also available in app1 and app2 db?  I see there is replication but I am not sure that is what I want and that takes a lot of configuration. USE app1; SELECT * FROM albums LEFT JOIN users ON (users.id=albums.user_id) or will it always have to be SELECT * FROM app1.albums LEFT JOIN core.users ON (core.users.id=app1.albums.user_id)
  3. I have issues with security. Is there a way to rewrite all the mysql_* functions in PHP to something else... Like instead of \'mysql_db_query()\' ... can i name id \'getQuery()\' ... or so on. The reasons are, if somehow someone can upload a script onto my server, the common database functions will allow them to access anything. Would changing these function names increase security? Thanks Brnadon
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