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  1. I found one called viking-normal. How does that look? You may need to hard refresh (ctrl-f5)
  2. Thank you Do you have any recommended font?
  3. http://battlewall.com I just opened it yesterday. It has social networking, forums, news, groups, and a lot more. All suggestions are appreciated
  4. oh nevermind I get it. I'm gona try and setup a strip tags. Do you have any idea why it's doing that?
  5. http://battlewall.com Users can setup online games and it's similar to facebook. Video game social networking. Just released please beta test for me Also, all feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. I cross-posted because I didn't know if the problem had to do with mysql or php, and after I posted it here I thought it could've been a php problem, which it was. It had to do with .htaccess Thanks though
  7. I have it where the users profile is at /users/username. The script does this.. WHERE userUser = "' . $user . '"'; This works fine with any username that dosen't start with a number. I'm wondering what the problem is. Also, the mysql table is varchar and is stored fine with numbers and letters. You can even see this problem at http://battlewall.com Thanks!
  8. In my script it gets the users username and does a.. WHERE userUser = "' . $user . '"'; This works fine for every user except ones that have there usernames start with any number. userUser's mysql info is.. Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra userUser varchar(16) latin1_swedish_ci No It's also stored fine. Just verifying the WHERE is not working. Thanks :-\
  9. Ha yep I was going for a simple twitter like look I'm going to delete all of the spam posts once you are done testing with the beta account
  10. Try <?php $x = $_GET['x']; echo $x ?>
  11. I just finished coding Battlewall and before I started getting members I wanted to check security and everything. login:beta password:beta http://battlewall.com Thanks!
  12. Battlewall, online video game and online matchmaking community. I just finished coding the beta of the site and have not spread to public yet and wanted some comments and critiques. Thanks! login: beta password: beta http://battlewall.com
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