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  1. I'm using php code I got from StackOverload that looks like this: <?php // Some URL for testing $url = 'https://www.google.de/favicon.ico'; // Time to cache the files (here: 10 minutes) define('time_to_cache', 600); // Create a local file representation $local = './cache/' . urlencode($url); // Determine whether the local file is too old if (@filemtime($local) + time_to_cache < time()) { // Download a fresh copy copy ($url, $local); // Store headers in case we need them (see alternative below) file_put_contents($local . '.hdr', join($http_response_header,
  2. My image gallery creates folders that look like this: thumbnail: http://blah.com/data/99999/thumbs/abc.jpg medium: http://blah.com/data/99999/medium/abc.jpg original: http://blah.com/data/99999/abc.jpg The script dynamically creates new folder IDs where the "99999" are. I would like the .htaccess file to allow the /thumbs/ and /medium/ folders to always allow hotlinking, but I want to protect the fullsize image and replace it with the medium image if it's ever coming from a domain other than my blah.com. I cannot create an htaccess file for every ID folder, so I need an htaccess
  3. I have a script that the developer has stopped supporting. The script has the ability to mark images "mature", but only single images, and one by one. The script has no ability to mark an entire category mature. Is what I want to do is perform a mysql command in phpmyadmin that tells it to auto change the setting for all images in a category to be marked as mature. Can someone help me with what command I would use to do this? My database name: site_database Category table: pp_categories How cats are identified: "catorder" Photo table: pp_photos How photos are identified as bein
  4. I have a page that has an input field that requests a full url. This includes everything from the http:// to multiple directories into the site. So something similar to http://blah.com/blah/blah/test.jpg I am trying to pass this url to next page's url. So when you submit this form, the following page is http://mysite.com/?http://blah.com/blah/blah/test.jpg?blah1=1?blah2=2?blah3=3 The problem is, the url always appears like this in the following page: http://mysite.com?http%3A%2F%blah.com%2Fblah%2Fblah%2Ftest.jpg?blah1=1 I need this changed so that it shows properly. I'm new to php,
  5. I'm very new to php, and I'm trying to keep ampersands from changing from & to & I have a url that contains multiple ampersands. I'm trying to hand this variable off to an API line for a local url shortener script. However, the url shortener isn't working, and when I check what it has put into the mysql database, it's saving the url with & instead of &. The page after submitting the form contains ampersands. On that page is the link for the same page, but being processed by the url shortener. This is the link that is wrong. I've echo'ed out my variable I'm handing t
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