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  1. dsdsdsdsd

    audio converter ... mp3, wav, ogg, webm

    from my webhosting company:
  2. dsdsdsdsd

    audio converter ... mp3, wav, ogg, webm

    so is ffmpeg kind of like the GD engine that processes images on the server? if I am not mistaken, GD is a server-based application, and php has an API to it ... it is the API that I interact with in php scripts. IF so then getting ffmpeg is a process, really: 1 - download 2 - install onto server 3 - learn how to interface with it via php ... is this correct? -- thanks.
  3. dsdsdsdsd

    audio converter ... mp3, wav, ogg, webm

    to be honest, I still don't understand ffmpeg ... if you go to the wiki it doesn't even mention php. I keep seeing people refer to 'command line' software, but I am looking for a php script that can do all the conversions.
  4. is there a library that can convert between these filetypes: mp3, wav, ogg, webm thanks, dsdsdsdsd

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