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  1. Nice one! got it working, but can only get to work with numbers, not variables that are text
  2. Thanks for the reply problem is i put the delete script on the same page, so... images.php?delete=1&id=28 will delete image 28 therefore the java location needs to have these variables...?
  3. Hi, Problem is, as i loop through the results i echo the images, then the href can use those results to link with. but with java script i have to use: <a href="#" onclick=" ConfirmChoice(); return false;"> which calls: <script language="javascript"> function ConfirmChoice() { answer = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this gallery?") if (answer !=0) { location = "where ever" } } </script>
  4. Hi guys, So, i'm pulling back images in a loop, and on each image i have a delete link that goes to something like: images.php?delete=1&id=28 so it will delete the image with an id of 28 from MySQL however i would like to have an "are you sure?" YesNo message box pop up. Does anyone know if this is possible? found a way through javascript but can't pass the variables as it calls a set function... Thanks in advance! Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  5. got it i just had to swap the ' for " and the " for '
  6. OK, here's what i'm doing to obtain an album name, i then use this to pull the photo's within that album. (the album is unique) <?php while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $aname = mysql_real_escape_string($row['albumname']) ; echo " <a href='viewthumbs.php?gallery_name=$aname'>".stripslashes($aname)."</a> " ; ?> The way i'm displaying it works fine for the title, but the same method won't work for the link...? i need it to display the entire album title in order to view the gallery, does anyone know if it is possible to do this? or is there another way...? thanks Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  7. Good evening! I'm having some troubles... see: http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk/test.php the problem being that the link won't go past the slash / or is it the ' i'm using real escape, and that added the / tried strip slashes too, but can't get anywhere? does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance! Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  8. Quality! yea, done it like this... <?php $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM albums GROUP BY albumname") ; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $aname = $row['albumname'] ; $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM albums WHERE albumname = '".$aname."' LIMIT 5") ; echo "$aname <br />" ; while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result2, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $path = $row['path'] ; echo" <img src='$path' height='100' /> "; } echo "<br />" ; } ?> cheers! Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  9. Hi guys, Got a bit of a problem, know what i want to do but am stumped on how to do it... think the problem lies in how i've put the data in to the database... Basically i'm using jumploader (a free java multiple image uploader...) to upload images on to my server, and insert the path in to MySQL. It basically runs one at a time, so say you upload 5 images you insert the album name, then choose 5 images, and press upload it then inserts album name, cust_id, Path, and a timestamp into MySQL 5 times I would then like to have a gallery page to view them all by album. so the page is displayed as album name, then 5 sample images underneath, then the next gallery and the next... I can't can't figure out how to pull them out like this grouped by album name... Thanks in advance! Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  10. Hi Guys, I'd like a nice javascript image upload on my site, and came across Jumploader. However i thought they would have made the documentation a bit better to follow... in terms of actually helping you out! I've got the front end on my page, with the tree and the thumbnails, however i have no idea how to save them onto my server, or to place the directory saved to in to MySQL... Has anyone ever used this successfully..? the documentation's here: http://www.jumploader.com/documentation.html and my script as it is: <applet name="jumpLoaderApplet" code="jmaster.jumploader.app.JumpLoaderApplet.class" archive="jumploader_z.jar" width="798" height="600" mayscript> <param name="uc_uploadUrl" value="../uploadHandler"/> <param name="vc_disableLocalFileSystem" value="false"/> <param name="vc_mainViewFileTreeViewVisible" value="true"/> <param name="vc_mainViewFilelistViewVisible" value="true"/> </applet> I just don't get it... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in Advance Add Some Music http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk
  11. ah OK, Thanks. I've come across one called "Aurigma" look good! now trying to work it out Thanks again
  12. gathered... Just wondering if anyone knew of a free one i could use? or could help me with the development of one...? cheers
  13. Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can help me...? I run a PA Hire company near Norwich, Norfolk, in the UK called Add Some Music: http://www.addsomemusic.co.uk and would like to have a section on my site for customers to upload pictures of their event in to galleries I'd like to have an image upload section like they have on facebook, but without all that tab rubbish where you can browse your hard drive with thumbnails and tick the tick boxes, rotate the images all that, they upload them. also so they can edit their galleries in a similar way does anyone know what this kind of script is called or what it would use...? Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks for all our replies, However, as both buttons submit the entire form, but only submit the button name pressed, I will run one querie is one button is pressed and another if teh other is pressed, saving all teh inputs into sessions, and displaying them again in teh form if they are set. This will work, as a work around, and that'll do Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi Guys, I didn't think it was possible.... Yes i mean "nested" (a form within a form) The reason being that i have a booking form with a discount code input. i wanted to be able to submit the discount code (if entered) and if it exsists to discount the total. Then the final submit to send all the infomation to MySQL... I just didn't want to use javascript, but i guess i should... Thanks for your help
  16. Hi Guys! Just wondering if anyone knows how to do nested forms, where you can have a form within a form with seperate submit buttons, that will only submit the data within that form...? Thanks in advance!
  17. I've sorted it!!! So what i done was use the loop that gets the days, then selected by that day to see if there was a booking. if the num rows come back with 1 (as you can only book one on a given day) then = "Booked" if zero Then = "Available!" Woo!!
  18. Ha! what a question... firstly ILMV's given you the basics there, you just need to expand on that, however as you mentioned Access.. i'm left thinking. Do you have PHP installed? Do you have MySQL? If you're asking this, do you know how to get PHP and Access talking to eachother...? Do you have to use PHP for your project, or could you just make it all in Access? If the answer is "No" to the 1st three then i suggest you just use Access, it will be much easier for you
  19. can anyone help...? or point me in the right direction...
  20. alright so i've got this working like : $booked = array(); while($array= mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $booked[] = $array['date_req']; } but i can't get them all at once, therefore i can only do : $booked_date = explode('-', $booked[0]) ; to pull one result at a time... somehow i need to pull them all out at once in one loop and display the booked dates in the correct dates on the calendar... thanks for getting me this far, any other suggestions...?
  21. Hi simonrs, thanks for the help. however i'm not sure what you mean...
  22. am now getting the error : Array to string conversion
  23. Hi, i replaced the code exactly as you said above....
  24. Hey! thanks fot the reply i'm getting the error: array_push() [function.array-push]: First argument should be an array with that... maybe i should try foreach as i suggested to the other guy... didn't think of it before?!? would that work?
  25. I'd use sessions to hold the info, then put it in to SQL when they continue to the checkout try using: foreach http://uk3.php.net/foreach
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