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  1. Hi all I don't know if this is the right area of the forum to post this one - but I hope somebody knows the answer. I have a webpage which I want to stream an .mp3 file from. For a browser on a laptop or desktop this is not a problem, indeed I have found a variety of different techniques in HTML and javascript which do the job well across all browsers. The trouble is that the mp3 files won't stream in some mobile browsers, eg Opera Mini. Yet I know that it must be theoretically possible because I can stream YouTube videos on my mobile phone using an Opera Mini browser. Clearly the guys at YouTube know some technique that I don't !! Can anybody give me some advice please on how to write a webpage that will stream an mp3 in mobile browsers ? many thanks for your help
  2. Hi all I've been using the PHP time() function for a while now to time-stamp various bits of activity, but of course it relies on the server clock being set correctly, which on many servers it isn't. So my question is - is there a resource somewhere on the internet which I can access directly through my PHP code which will give me a "guaranteed" exact time, rather than rely on the server clock. Many thanks.
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