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  1. This is a server set up issue not an Amazon issue. We've solved the issue slightly by switching to InnoDB which only locks per row but we still experience crashes regularly.
  2. Hello, We run a medium Amazon EC2 instance with multiple sites on and we keep experiencing the error when running WordPress. MySQL dead but subsys locked Can someone help define and the error for us and advise on fixes ? Thanks, Dean
  3. Are there any plans to add RSS feeds for forum boards ? Cheers, Dean
  4. That is true, i'm using the class myself to store user configuration options retrieved from a database. Therefore it is cached from another data source. I wasn't trying to solve a problem per-say, but just create a simple re-usable system for storing such data.
  5. All caching methods have to store the data in some form of file. I can see how a user could mis-interpret the name as a way to cache a session instead of a way to cache data using sessions, i think that is what you're going for
  6. Thorpe: It just makes it easier to store items in a session and retrieve them when implementing on a website where you are unsure of the possible $_SESSION index names. It's basically just a few functions to manage a sites session caching instead of a user writing their own. Would only take a few minutes to re-create the functions yourself so I can see how it may seem pointless. ignace: I'm afraid I don't see how the class name is misleading, could you please expand. Thank you for the links I'm not very experienced in OOP design or guidelines such as them so will be good for me to learn.
  7. I wrote a short article/tutorial about session caching in PHP and was just looking for tips on both my code and my article. Any feedback would be great please. http://www.deanwhitehouse.co.uk/session-caching-v1-0 I also wrote one on how to do cross-domain ajax calls using jquery. http://www.deanwhitehouse.co.uk/cross-domain-request-with-jquery Cheers, Dean
  8. Can I request a username change to DeanWhitehouse please as I wish to have a more professional (and related) username. Thanks, Dean
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to generate a regex that will remove UTM parameters from my refferrer URLs. <?php //"test" parameter is lost echo preg_replace("/&?utm_(.*)\=[^&]+/","","?utm_source=bottom&utm_medium=widget&test&test&utm_campaign=testcamp"); ?> The regex works on removing the paremeters whilst keeping parameters before and after in tact. However parameters in-between are lost. Any ideas would be great. I'm testing the above code on http://writecodeonline.com/php/
  10. solved, didn't realise IE added margins for organised lists :s Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply, afraid not, already tried all that. I've narrowed down the problem to this div style div#core #images { float:left; width:660px; height:248px; padding:2px; border:1px solid #dadada; } div#core { width:827px; margin-left:178px; margin-top:30px; padding:0; } div#core #images ol { padding:0px; display:inline; } div#core #images li { display:inline; } The core div surrounds the main image area and the search box, the spacing appears in the image div area on the left. I can't find any cause or solution :s
  12. *bump* sorry guys, still need a solution
  13. Hey Guys, Long time no post Here is my problem, i have this page http://development.djw-designs.com/CCC/ in development. I am testing in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8. In IE8 is displays without problem, however in compatability mode i get a large space on the left hand side of the image and i cannot find a solution to it. Any Ideas? Cheers, Blade280891
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