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  1. thanks for the replies guys. it's to edit labels from a courier. they give 4 labels per sheet. for each order you can have a 12 digit reference - NOTHING else. it would be great if i could have an area of text where i could put all order details. so... the code would read in a csv with full order details - with many orders... search for the 12 digit reference string... and then below add more information for the order. overwriting PDF or making a new one - either would be ok. let me know what u guys think.
  2. I need to edit an existing PDF and add text. I need to first search for a string. From the location where the string is matched, I want to add text 1.5cm below. Is this possible? The PDF has no protection or anything - just plain PDF. What code libraries do I need? Thanks.
  3. @Psycho That's just awesome THANKS! if you say it's OK... then that's cool with me I was just worried about my server being bogged down and serving no one
  4. I'm creating a service that will create sales data for sellers. I need some advice on using a database and looking up many many times. Let's say a seller has 100,000 past sales. Let's say today they have 200 sales. One of the things I want to do for the 200 sales is to compare with the past 100,000 sales and give a mini report telling the seller if a customer is a repeat customer. Need to know if a loyal customer who has spent a lot OR if a bad customer who has caused trouble. Great idea. (I think!!) Problem: is that 200 x 100,000 database lookups? Is there a way to lessen the load on the server? 200 x 100,000 isn't that much of a problem I don't think. Let's assume I have 150 customers. I doubt if they will all run simultaneously - but a good chance all will run within 5 minutes (like if it's standard practice to start sorting orders at 2pm for example). Those 5 minutes could bring down my server! I'm thinking what would be the best way to store my data and then cope with the CPU requirement to go through that amount of data? Cloud storage + processing? I have no experience of this at all! Just looking for advice. Thanks.
  5. I want PHP code to let me do similar to wetransfer - where you can just upload files by dropping them into the browser window. You can email a link or just get a link Files get automatically deleted after xx time The whole concept seems super simple. I thought there would be plenty of open source code doing the same out there? Cant find any. I have found one script - only $17 - no problem buying - but just thought there are bound to be well developed free open source code? Thanks OM
  6. I have a PHP script coded for me by a freelancer. The script takes 4-5 minutes to complete running - it has to wait for data from a few websites. I have to keep my browser open. Not a problem on desktop - run and do something else and come back 10 min later and I have my download link. I would like to run from my mobile. The problem is I have chosen to have it sleep after 30 seconds (and want to keep that way) if nothing is done to interact with the screen. So... I thought I could call the code on a URL line and then have the results emailed as a link to download. The freelancers seems to think this would not be straight forward. I thought I'd get a second opinion. Any thoughts? Thanks OM
  7. I need to Web scrape a website I need to access from different ip addresses I've found a website that gives out ip numbers to use for free The problem is that they change + old ones don't work after a certain time Is there anyway I can test and make sure an ip address is working before using? What happens if I use an ip address that isn't working? Does the real ip address of my server get sent instead? Thanks OM
  8. @QuickOldCar, thanks for the reply i didn't know someone had replied to my post - no email notification received i've posted the project on a freelancer website i'm looking to get help writing the code YES: i can write code myself... but would rather get a kickstart for the code + have fully explained + have some guidance on how to adapt for different websites send me a PM if you think you can help (i'll check my PM tonight and tomorrow) the websites i need to use on are eBay and Amazon thanks
  9. I need to scrape pages - I only need one page at a time I'm only looking for 2/3 bits of data within each page Can someone give me some pointers where to start? I've searched and see names like DOMXpath and Xpath mentioned - do I need these? It's important that I can run the script on a standard Linux hosting with nothing extra installed like packages - I'd like to have something I can just use immediately using standard php and functions I've seen plenty of tutorials + youtube videos - just looking for recommendations and pointers for recommended practices Thanks OM
  10. I want to parse email data and then forward to another email address I came across Mandrill and Mailgun I 'think' both will do what I want Just wondering if anyone had used? Why do they give away a HUGE number of emails you can send for free? Thanks OM
  11. I want some code to receive email, reformat and then forward to another email address I'm not sure where to start with this Does the application need to be constantly running - monitoring incoming emails? What is involved? I did a search and saw many discussions saying that Google App Engine was available for usage I've no experience of this Just looking for suggestions Thanks OM
  12. I need to store variables that look something like this: 3434432545 -> 32435219098999, title description 21 4455332545 -> 32411111118999, title description 22 9987432545 -> 32435211112999, title description 23 2111432545 -> 32222319098999, title description 24 I'm OK to have the above information hard coded Answer: use an array? I used to code in Perl (many years ago!!). There you had something called a hash table (I think!). Apparently, that was much better for doing a lookup. Is there something equivalent in PHP? Also... it would be awesome if I could have something like this: 3434432545 -> 32435219098999, title description 21 4455332545 -> 32411111118999, 5657, title description 22 9987432545 -> 32435211112999, 32434, 2345, title description 23 2111432545 -> 32222319098999, 34243554, 43543, 453, title description 24 i.e. each object having potentially unlimited number of extra fields associated Question: to start with, I'll have 100 - 200 of the above. But if I had 5000 say, how would this impact in loading into memory? Or is that too small and not something to worry about? Thanks in advance! OM
  13. I want to create many PDF pages by using a PDF document template that uses place holders The data would come from a CSV file I've looked into a solution for the above for a couple of years now! I haven't found anything that would do the trick for me It seems as though PDF and PHP don't go well - especially if I want to use a template with place holders Just looking for suggestions Thanks EDIT: forget PDF... is it possible to use something else? Like a Word doc?? OM
  14. I buy code to use on my Wordpress sites Is there code anywhere that will search a set of PHP files and report back if the code has encrypted code? I thought there would be loads. I've done a google and can't find anything (not sure if I searched for the right terms) Thanks OM
  15. I'm writing a spec for some coding I need to have done I need to have a CSV file read in and parsed The data in total would be 200kb - with 500 - 600 rows Is there any problem in storing the data in memory and processing The some of the data in each row needs to be parsed and cleaned Or should I just be storing into a table and then processing? Thanks Omar
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