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  1. Well, it is a car site I have tried many headers, but I cannot find one that works very well, so maybe I will try to design one with the Koenigsegg
  2. Well this is most likely the most bland website in the entire world. Yes, the colors are dreadful and the use of tables is perhaps far too many, but I am just beginning on making an infrastructure for the site. It is nowhere near complete, and I have only just started it. I am only posting for comments/suggestions on the overall structure of the site, etc. Color schemes are very welcome, along with anything else. Not all the links (English/Swedish) work, but most do. I know the font is rather small, but that is because I am going for a rather minimalistic appearance. Oh, and I still need to get it to work in Safari and Internet Explorer (the spacing is a bit off, only Firefox reads it properly). So please, tell me what you think :-) http://www.krasch.org
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