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  1. Helo, I am setup phpmyadmin to run with already setup Apache 2.0.47 , php 4,3,3 and mysql 5.0.18nt on a XP professional Box.. I followed the instructions in the manual and set everythig up including creating the config.inc.php file to include the username and password for the Mysql Server. After all this I brough up [a href=\"http://localhost/phpMyAdmin\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/phpMyAdmin[/a] in my browser and it gave me the following error: #1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client I am abit lost as to what client this is refering too, I think I have the last stable version on phpMyAdmin any ideas?
  2. Hi, I am learning php and came across this script... (Script Attached) while using the book. Beginning PHP, Apache, Mysql Web Development. and im getting this error: and i have a few questions Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in c:\wamp\www\createmovie.php on line 4 Now I don`t see why this isn`t working because in the book it said to download:PHP: 4.3.3, Apache: 2.0.47, Mysql: 4.0.15a and i`m following the book. Now I installed php 4.3.3, apache 2.0.47 but wasn`t able to find mysql 4.0.15a binary for windows so I installed mysql 5 most recent stable version as of today. I am confused because following this book gets me nowhere when running this script but according to them it should work..Is it because i never got the mysql 4.0.15a? don`t see how a person writes a book to teach you something and seem to assume u know something about it already.. Can anyone tell me how to get around this connect problem ini this script? Does anyone have any other ideas on books to point me to that works? And does a mysql 4.0.15a exist for windows? <?php //Connect to <Mysql; note we`ve used our own parameters- you should //use your won for hostname, user and password $connect = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "mysqlpass") or die ("Hey loser, check your server connection."); //Create the mail database mysql_create_db("donda") or die(mysql_error()); //make sure our recently created database is the active one mysql_select_db ("donda"); //create "movie" table $movie = "CREATE TABLE movie ( movie_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, movie_name varchar(255) NOT NULL, movie_type tinyint(2) NOT NULL default 0, movie_year int(4) NOT NULL default 0, movie_leadactor int(11) NOT NULL default 0, movie_director int(11) NOT NULL default 0, PRIMARY KEY (movie_id) KEY movie_type (movie_type,movie_year) ) TYPE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=4 "; $results = mysql_query($movie) or die (mysql_error()); //Creat "movietype" table $movietype = "CREATE TABLE movietype ( movietype_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, movietype_label Varchar(100) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (movietype_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=9" ; $results = mysql_query($movietype) or die(mysql_error()); //create "people" table $people = "CREATE TABLE people ( people_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, people_fullname varchar(255) NOT NULL, people_isactor tinyint(1) NOT NULL default 0, people_isdirector tinyint(1) NOT NULL default 0, PRIMARY KEY (people_id) ) TYPE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=7"; $results = mysql_query($people) or die(mysql_error()); echo "Movie Database successfully created!"; ?>
  3. Hello, I just installed mysql and was testing to see if i could setup privileges, now I am logged in as root using the mysql console and wanted to create a user and also give them some privileges.. I am using mysql> GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE -> ON *.* -> TO bro@localhost -> IDENTIFIED BY 'bobo'; mysql doesn`t give me an error or anything so i figured that it accepted it, but when i try to login using this new user it seems as if its now there. now i used phpMyAdmin to login using root then went to look at privileges and I donb`t see the new user anywhere.. I guess i did something wrong somewhere, any ideas on what it was? abit lost as im new and just following an ebook on this stuff.. thanks in advance
  4. thx bro will try it.. Did that and now getting the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_create_db() in c:\wamp\www\createmovie.php on line 8 running Apache version : Apache/1.3.33 (Win32) PHP version : 5.0.4 MySQL version : 4.1.10a-nt - extension : mysqli If i would need to show my script let me know, I am basically trying to create and add some information to the database.. thx
  5. Helo all, I installed wamp5 1.4.4 and its working fine so far. Now bein a beginner at PHP,Mysql, Apache and all that I was reading the e-book Begining PHP,Apache,Mysql Web development. anyways i am trying to access and create a database in mysql and i get teh following error Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_create_db() in c:\wamp\www\createmovie.php on line 8 I think this maybe because i don`t know the password for the mysql server that wamp made when i installed everything because within the script i have this: $connect = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "mysqlpass") my question is did wamp setup a username and pass for mysql ?
  6. Greetings All, I just setup Apache 1.3, PHP 4.3.4 and Mysql 3.23.57.. now I am trying to create a database along with a username and password.. C:mysqlbin>mysqladmin -uroot -pbiscuit create datahome mysqladmin: connect to server at \'localhost\' failed error: \'Access denied for user: \'root@localhost\' (Using password: YES)\' Why is my access denied? I haven`t done anything other than just install mysql,apache & php. can someone help me with this problem? I am abit new.. Oh I am running WinXP Pro Thanks in advance
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