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  1. and then i put $string = str_replace('<img','<img width="90px" height="90px"',$string);
  2. I did it but it didn't work. I found the code and i corrected it. here is the code <?php $string = '<img src="" width="xx" height="yyy" alt="">'; $new_string = preg_replace('/\<(.*?)(width="(.*?)")(.*?)(height="(.*?)")(.*?)\>/i', '<$1$4$7>', $string); echo $new_string; ?>
  3. Hi i have some images at my joomla which i want to change with regex. The string is <img src="img.png" width="300" height="300"> The width and the height is different every time. i want to change width , height and to add and style="float:right" . I think you can propose a regex to make it, or some other way to do it. Its joomla site and the news module is not as i expected. Thank you
  4. Hello, I want to put behind text a background image. I did it but when the text is long and change line the background disappear. Here are the css i use inside a span : position:relative; background-image: url('http://domain/images/bar.png'); height:35px; line-height:35px; background-repeat: repeat-y; background-repeat: repeat-x; display: inline-block; I want the background to be in all lines of the text.
  5. Hi Psycho I have the game id and there are the game info i also have and the teams table with stats for the teams. But i want only this, sorry for the double post i cant delete it.
  6. Hi i have a site (for personal use) which i see the soccer games stats. I have done a lot comparĪ¹son between the goals scores a team and the goals accepts at the last 6 games. I compare those goals and i see the best attacks and the best defences. Now i stuck as i want to see the games with best attacks and the worst defence. I have all the games haven't started at the table 'games', within i have : table : games -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | id | game_id | home_attack | home_defence | away_attack | away_defence | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- home_attack : goals achieved the home team in last 6 games home_defence : goals accepted the home team in last 6 games. The same for the away team. I want to find out from the db the best 30 matches with the best home_attack and the worst away_defence . The mysql can do this action ? I tried to add another field with a calculation which was : home_attack + away_defence but it didn't work. The site is in Greek is here balllab.net
  7. Hi, I have problem with sessions , when i change from no subdomain qip.gr to www.qip.gr it doesn't hold the sessions. Is there any solution ? Thank yu
  8. Thank you What i put into the db i show it at html pages so how can i avoid closing an html tag like > ?
  9. Hello, i want to know how can i change common sql and html characters at the submit form text boxes and textareas so i can insert them in db. When i enter the ' character it returns sql error also i dont want to insert html into the db. Thank you
  10. Hello, i use mysql_real_escape_string() to avoid sql injections but it escapes and line breaks \n. What should i do to keep the line breaks from the form and be protected by injections. Thank you
  11. You should know that Greek government made a lot of concentration camps like Hitlers. One is working now inside has prisoners from midldle East immigrants. They leave them without water food they wash them all with 'firecars'. Its not chaos as i mendion but it will be. We still have rights and to call aq deffender but most times the district attorney keeps the arrested to prison for 9 months until he will be at the court. In most cases then the court let him free. ---- People arrested for anything. And in some cases the psych mental institutions is the easy way to prison someone. This is what happens here.
  12. We have no democracy at this moment. Cops are everywhere. We have been seperated all the Greeks to left and right plitical views. The neonazi party is in the 'congress' . And the members of it cross with buses all over the country and fight even kill non Greeks without papers or 'lefts'. The authorities takes no part to this. Haha its fun here. Its the start of war Weed is prohibited and the 'charges' are prison even for few grams. Sorry for my bad English ! I am sure you understand. There is no order , only chaos if you try to compile it lol
  13. I cant understand this persistence to kill the different people
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