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  1. I just look for cPanel and upgrade bandwidth/quota as necessary. After all, why pay for what your not using... Especially when cPanel gives a readout of your bandwidth/quota use!
  2. They tend to like making life hard. lol Do you buy VPS/VDS or have your own dedi?
  3. Nope, it took me 2 days to find one, all the German hosting servers seem to have it enabled but I don't speak German. In the end if found http://arvixe.com , there pretty good apart from the overselling specs. Unlimited pretty much everything :s
  4. <?php $string = "123 abc 45"; $chars = ''; $nums = ''; for ($index=0; $index<strlen($string); $index++) { if( ctype_digit($string[$index]) ) { if ($str) $nums .= ' '; $nums .= $string[$index]; $str = False; }else{ if (!$str) $chars.= ' '; $chars .= $string[$index]; $str = True; } } echo "Chars: $chars<br >Nums: $nums"; ?>
  5. Anyone know of a cheap webhost that has PDO with mysql enabled?
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