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  1. well, solved that problem. google is great. answer= http://hotscripts.com nice :D :D :D
  2. thank you. I cannot find a replacement on my google searches for osdate. It is such a great program, very complete, it is perfect, with the exception of those flaws. Do you know anything that comes close to OSDATE script quality to have a dating site? There is no way I could code such a site by myself.
  3. i tried the osdate website and no one answers in their forums
  4. hi, you can see OSDATE in action at http://ealike.com notice I have the following errors, I am running windows xp, using google chrome, internet explorer 8 and firefox browsers. I have flash player 10. 1- In internet explorer 8, "cannot display web page" shows up at the bottom 2- the chat almost locks up upon using see chat link 3- the forum does not work, gives an error when I install it. 4-in google chrome, the divs bunch up over eachother. 5- when deleting a user, unsubscribing, an error message come up, but the user does get unsubscribed. any help GREATLY appreciated as I have been trying to fix these problems for 2 days. thank you ps, i think you have to create an account to see the chat and the bulletin board, i tried to install phpbb and phorum with no luck just some db error. so i left it out this time.
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