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  1. i thought about starting another account but I am too lazy to hide my ip. how many posts i have , does that offend you personally? i am not sure why i still am crappy at php. I know i did take like a year or more away from it, and when i came back could not remember much. but either way, my number of posts, is that your personal and important business? when you judge a person on the forums, do you say to yourself "well this guy have 1k posts and is asking a dumb question, let me not help him and send him an insult" after all i am the guru moderator here. i am going to try to start a new account now despite of this websites monitoring and displaying everyone's ip which i think is lame.
  2. you obviously don't remember my username Thorpe. you just deleted my previous thread and replaced it with MOVED" someone elses thread here". You have done nothing in ALL of my previous thread but put nasty comments in, about my number of posts, etc. You come on at about 3 in the morning my time and start posting crap on my threads, i have had enough of you. next admin comes on i am reporting you , enough is enough. if you are offended by my threads and post number keep it to yourself. i just pray you are not the owner of this site
  3. here is my final public and private profile code people helped me with here. IT WORKS!! HAHAH. first the "edit profile page" put this in your page. echo "<p> </p><strong><a href='viewProfile.php?userPage=".$currentUser."'>View Profile</a></strong><p>&nbsp</p>"; //checks if the form has been submitted echo "<h3>EDIT PROFILE PAGE FOR ".$currentUser."</h3>"; then on the public profile page, put this in your page. $_GET["userPage"]; if($_GET["userPage"]==$currentUser) { echo "<p> </p><strong><a href='profileUpload.php'".$currentUser."'>Edit Profile</a></strong><p>&nbsp</p>'"; } enjoy!! thanks for helping everyone
  4. maybe this is right? echo "<a href='viewProfile.php?userPage='. $currentUser. '>View Profile</a></strong><p> </p>'"; LMAO!! I think this is the right one. echo "<p> </p><strong><a href='viewProfile.php?userPage=".$currentUser."'>View Profile</a></strong><p>&nbsp</p>";
  5. can someone please help me with this link? It is not looking right in my editor every time I try to do the quotations. Here it is messed up. Please if someone can show me the right way to do it in code, I would really appreciate it. (The quotations) echo "<a href='viewProfile.php?userPage='" . $currentUser. " >View Profile</a></strong><p> </p>";
  6. using google does not equal someone not being able or not wanting to think. Have you ever used Google? yes you have.
  7. thank you. this is what I did so far. echo "viewProfile.php?user=" . $currentUser.'>View Profile</a></strong><p> </p>"; now I have to somehow check for that on the viewProfile.php page not sure how to do that, googling it now. what would newbie php guys do without google? they'd be in bad shape. LOL
  8. That is intelligent. great thank you very much. I didn't know how to make different users based on number id's so I am using session CurrentUser as the variable . I am using the usernames. so if I have $currentUser=$_SESSION['name_of_user']; how do I make the link do this? viewProfile.php?currentUser=thomas assuming $currentUser=="thomas" I know I should have used the user number Id but I used the unique usernames to check for identity in the script. I don't want to change it now. EDIT: this is what I have so far on the edit profile page echo "viewProfile.php?user=" . $currentUser.'>View Profile</a></strong><p> </p>"; now I have to somehow check for that on the viewProfile.php page
  9. thank you. Yes I figured out that I would have 2 pages, one is the public and one is the private, and the only difference between them is that the "public" will have the option of showing a link back to the "edit profile" page if the current user is the owner of the pages, but if it is a viewing member, the edit profile link on the public profile page should not be shown. so basically if viewinguser, don't show edit profile link, if viewinguser==currentUser, show edit profile link I don't know how to do this in code, to define "viewinguser", I don't know how to do it without creating a million individual named pages like "tomsProfile.php" "JoesProfile.php", and then check if the currentUser is equal to the name on the individual page. but that solution seems ridiculous and I am pretty sure there is a way to do it with just using one changing public profile page with some simple little code, but I am not that smart yet. LOL. please if anyone knows please help. thanks
  10. thank you for that. I have come up with some pseudocode that I can't solve. Here is the little puzzle. if viewinguser= user of that page, show edit profile link, otherwise, do not. I don't know how to define or check for the "viewing user" in the database or the member's page. basically I am using a "viewProfile.php" page so the member can view their own profile as it looks to others, and this view profile page will only have a link back to the "edit profile" page if the current user is the owner of that page. but please, how do I identify in code the "viewing user" to differentiate that from the "currentUser" or the owner of the page being viewed?
  11. Hi, I am making a dating site where I have made the user profile edit page visible to the user when they log in, and I think I can get away with not showing the user their "public" profile view. But I definitely need to show other users on the site the "public" non editing profile page view. But I don't know how to do this. I have yet to create the search, search results, thumbnails with optional descriptions of the possible dating results. But I first want to just get 2 versions of the user profile page view. One that the user sees that I have already done. (The editable one). And the other I need to make which is the page the other users will see, (The public profile) Please if anyone has any idea how to do this I would greatly appreciate it, especially if you have any pseudocode ideas. thank you.
  12. Ok I was able to fix 2 and 4 on your list. Thank you very much for pointing out my not checking for png, gif or jpeg and not just jpg on my file delete. That was pretty serious. I will have to leave the other numbers on your list as I don't understand it totally. I am using a mix of my own code and tutorial code. So the page works, but it is not done totally correctly. I guess for now I will have to leave it as is except for fixing 2 and 4. thanks.
  13. WOW. lol. I just woke up a while ago. That stinks. I am going to have to work on all of that. Thanks for pointing it out. Will take me a while to digest what you have just said.
  14. ok thank you. I can't get anything on that linked page to work, I guess I will just have to deal with it .
  15. this does not force a refresh either. echo "<img src='{$dir}{$newname}?<? echo rand(1,3000); ?>' />";
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