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  1. can someone please help me understand the concept how to implement the "Domand Driven Design" strategy in PHP ? ok let's say for example I have a user and a user got multiple addresses. so the user got e.g class User { public $userId; public $name; public $age; public function setUserId($userId) { $this->userId = $userId; } public function getUserId() { return $this->userId; } public function setName($name) { $this->name = $name; } public function getName() { return $this->name; } public function setAge($age) { $this->age = $age; } public function getAge() { return $this->age; } } Then Address got e.g class Address { public $addressId; public $country; public $city; public $zip; public function setAddressId($addressId) { $this->addressId = $addressId; } public function getAddressId() { return $this->addressId; } public function setCountry($country) { $this->country = $country; } public function getCountry() { return $this->country; } public function setCity($city) { $this->city = $city; } public function getCity() { return $this->city; } public function setZip($zip) { $this->zip = $zip; } public function getZip() { return $this->zip; } } So how to apply the concept of the Domain Driven Design here ?
  2. Hi , Does working with sockets using PHP always require a server?. i mean, the server and client concept when working with sockets...is it mandatory? how about in this situation. I found an emulator online. This emulator is a desktop application made up of java that accepts inputs through a protocol. do i need to create a server or just client for sockets using php is enough to communicate with this emulator?
  3. Because I was thinking of using tensorflow , but it seem slike it's meant for for python and not PHP, at some point, you're right, I don't know yet the core concepts of machine learning Yes, I saw this one before posting this thread, but that library is menat for PHP >= 7.x . Our server is using PHP 5.4 , it looks like I will have to rewrite most of the things there if am gonna rely on it, just to make it compatible with a lower version of php
  4. Hi, from the tile of my thread, yes, may I know if anyone of you happened to implement such thing using PHP ?, I know this machine learning / AI thing is usually done in python or R , correct ? but in the company I am working for is using php all the way. some good tutorials and tips is much appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. which event to use to get the properties,ids,elements of the first tab in ui jquery? so the situation is like this: I pop out a jquery dialog box when I click a row from a grid view in the main page. inside that dialog box, I have a jquery ui tabs. I was able t o get the properties by using the 'activate' event in this jquery ui tab like this $('#tabs').tabs({ activate : function(event,ui){ alert(ui.newPanel.find(".row #button").attr("id"));} }); that snippet works if I click the other tabs. but the problem now is, once the dialog box pops out. I am not able to get the properties inside the first tab which is by default selected in jquery. I am only able to use that snippet to the succeeding tabs , it will only work in the first tab after I click the other tabs. any idea to solve this problem? i'm more of a backend dev...it takes me hours to build an application that has a front-end coding involve
  6. Hi, I'm trying to develop a web app to get the number of facebook likes, and number of facebook comments on a particular facebook page post content by just inputting the facebook page id via url or to whatever input form that i'm gonna create. My question now is, 1) do we always need to have user access token ? or page access token is enough already and we can save it in some php config file? because while I was playing with the graph explorer, and I logged out the fb page from another browser, the graph explorer insisted that I need a user access token, any inputs is much appreciated, as this is my first time to mingle with facebook apis
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