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  1. Thanks for the very comprehensive reply. I've tried your code and seem to be getting a problem with this line: $pdo = new pdo("mysql:host=$DB_HOST;dbname=$DB_NAME;charset=$DB_ENCODING",$DB_USER,$DB_PASS);
  2. Oh my oh my. The mysqli protocols confuse me. I know php4 inside out but I’ve been out of the game for many years and need to work out how the hell mysqli works. All I need is a simple syntax to grab a record from a table and output it using an echo command. Can anyone help me? All the websites I’ve visited seem to get too deep into it too quickly and I end up getting lost.
  3. It seems so many of these topics cross over, so I hope it's in the right place. I've got a site using minicart.js to add things to the shopping cart. I love the way it works so-far, but I want to now output it using PHP variables so I can link it to PayPal. All I want is a dump into a PHP script. I don't care how, particularly... ideally an array of some kind with item ID and quantity... but anything. Once it's in PHP, I'm good... I can do the rest, but I'm a ludite with Javascript. Please help.
  4. Hi, I've tried to program a shopping cart App and it works fine on my Mac and my Android Phone, but on the IPad, it's not adding the items to the shopping cart. I've used a free template that does most of the hard work for me, but used some database stuff to get the shop actually listing stuff. My URL is: http://www.bristolmagicshop.com/single.php?id=14 So-far, so-good, but the iPad issue is starting to bug me now. Any suggestions? Neil
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