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  1. Being a little more clear on exactly what you are wanting might help... Although you could always right click and open in new... Or open a new instance of the browser, and then open the file you want to see...
  2. Firstly, the Get method will almost never really be a safe way to transport data... It is too easy for anyone to mess around with it, causing errors, or injections... Secondly, I have never tried passing an array through the Get method... and personally, I suggest either using the Post method, or think about breaking up the array so that you are passing each element of the array, in it's own $_GET array element... (if I remember correctly the $_GET array is not capable of being a multidimensional array, though I could be wrong.)
  3. I feel bad, I meant to put add height not width.... Sorry I have been crunchin my brain a lot lately... Try adding a height to your Body Id...
  4. firstly the body, html tag should not be 100%, it should be 99%... Secondly you should put a width on your Body Id... If that still doesn't fix the problem, try "margin-bottom: -10%" or some other percent, this way it will take the margin off the bottom and not give you blank space ...
  5. Ok so you want the right and left columns to be 200px, and the center column to expand as needed... I would use min-width/max-width, or change it all to percentage...
  6. Well the first things I see, is why are you using id for the radios... shouldn't you be setting the value not the id... Second... I personally would use an if/else statement to transfer the $_POST[''] variables to their own variables, and it would be better that way so you can at least somewhat make sure your not going go get sql injections and xss and such (i.e. $Lable1 = stripslashes(strip_tags($_POST['label1'])); ) Then make your query variable dependent.... (i.e. $query = "select * from testtable where currency='$what' label1='$label1'"; [Also you have an extra space after your * in your query, could be a problem also with useing the double quotes to start your string "" you do not have to use \' in order to use a variable just use single quote varaible single quote '$var' ]) Also your result.php or which ever page has the code... I see no begining or ending php tags That could be why your code doesn't work right...
  7. why dont you try this : $do = "select * from mytesttable where currencey='$Curencey' and like='$likes' and type='$type'"
  8. Well if you know that some of the domains are going to be dynamic ips, I would either run a script on all the domains in the database on like an hourly or bi-hourly type of thing to make sure they are all current and working domain names. Or I would run a check per domain per request. But after thinking it through a little bit more.. I would also check the referrer in the server array. Hmm sorry I am kinda drawing some blanks at the moment, kinda busy lol Why do you use all three of the vars? ... Could you possibly take it down to like 1 var being sent?
  9. Well you could always make a ping/DNS script with php, this way it will ping the acclaimed domain, return the ip address, and then check it against the server['remote_addr'] (caps of course lol).
  10. Well first it's $_POST['blah'], second I would double check make sure you have all your syntax correct, maybe make sure you have error_reporting('E_ALL').
  11. Well I would check that the ip is correct, I would record the ip from the sub/domain, most domains will probably be running on static-ip's where as sub-domains are more likely to be dynamic(*theoretically). From there just check the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] make sure it is the same ip as recorded for the sub/domain.
  12. I haven't messed around with php that far yet, but I believe there is something that might help you. Go to php.net research it, I know I once saw something about that stuff, but I was looking for other things so I didn't pay much attention to it.
  13. Well thank you stimmy, I hope to have some sort of community soon, who knows though right
  14. Ya I kinda figured that would be ruff on the eyes, I already have done another one, I just don't have it in the server folders yet, when I get home Ill set it up if you guys would like to take a look at it, trust me it is nowhere near has harsh on the eyes, btw what do you guys think of the banner? good? bad??
  15. Thanks Jake I knew the average person online has either 1024/1280x 768 I have done my research, and please don't get me wrong I know I can come off as rude at times, I understand completely that people are trying to help... Thank you all by the way. At this current time I am in the middle of re-coding the entire site; layout/design, I already have made a new banner and background picture, My entire code is going to be re-vised/re-coded. If anyone would like to view the banner and background http://newrealm.no-ip.info/test/ ... and for future refference that is where anyone can see the progress of the new design and code.
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