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  1. PHP or not, you never specified whether you wanted critique on design or development, and remember, most people in this forum request design critique. And I believe my main point about the ads being in the way of the website is indeed a developer issue. Regardless, you should forward any design issues on to your designer. And it would appear the advertisement is still obscuring the webpage? http://ju.nu/557
  2. Whether you want to use check boxes of not, a user will always expect to only choose one option from a radio button, and multiple options with a check box, so be careful, you might have a usability issue there.
  3. Advertising that is obtrusive to the user experience does not work... so on Google for example, I will get more angry that I cannot immediately click the ling at the very top without having to click close... which in my experience may fire another pop-up. The colour scheme btw is very washy, bright and pale green with white test, makes my eyes explode.
  4. Man alive, my sarcasm radar has gone off the scale! There is no way I am going to critique a publicly (sp?) available forum, in fact, I hope nobody does, you see there is nothing to critique.
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