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  1. Tell me this, when you file the form out and click the submit button (do NOT hit return) does it work then?
  2. I would love to, but I lack the ability to guess the URL Can I haz link?
  3. Oh me sweet Jesus! Did you just throw up a JavaScript alert box saying that I'm not using IE7 with XP??? Cannot seem to get it back now, but you should never... ever let the user worry about that! You need to ensure that your site works with all browsers, and gracefully degrades in those that don't support modern technolgies, like IE6 vs CSS3. My first and only recommendation is to sort your markup out, you've got: 1) Embedded CSS that is fragmented all around the place 2) Use CSS columns, not tables 3) Ensure it validates
  4. Oh my god, I cannot believe you just said that! Listen to what I say, your client has come to you because they believe that you will be able to design and developer a website better than they will, perhaps they don't even know where to start. So in this instance your client has absolutely no ground on which to dictate to you what should or shouldn't be on their website, besides content. I very much doubt an established web professional would agree that a loading screen is a good idea, and what's more is that your ignore our comments (and yes, I am a web developer by trade) because you want to keep the client happy. You need to stand up to them and say "actually whilst you may like a loading screen it does in fact pose as a usability issue". What I think has happened is that you have come across this loading script, shown your client, they know nothing better so are force (as human nature dictates) to say "yes I like that". I'm going to say exactly what I think now, if you carry on using this mentality with regard to critical evaluation towards your website design / development skills you will fail, you will make no money... grow up ffs.
  5. *Screams* Each of those links can help you, if you believe your images are optimised enough then fine, but have you even looked at gzipping your content, it doesn't look like you have I'm not going to reply any more, your 'learning' style is anti-productive...
  6. Once again Dork I never said anything about your markup not being optimised, I said your "site" wasn't optimised. So, as you requested, here are a load of links and resources to help you optimise your site, this means your images, css, html... the lot. Optimisation Tutorial: http://www.webmonkey.com/tutorial/Site_Optimization_Tutorial General Optimisation Checker: http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ <-- Very good HTML Compression (Can be used for CSS, JS too): http://www.whatsmyip.org/http_compression/phpgzip/ http://www.samaxes.com/2008/04/htaccess-gzip-and-cache-your-site-for-faster-loading-and-bandwidth-saving/ <--- Great article Image optimisation: http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/smushit/ Right, there should now be no reason for any loading screens
  7. This should do it: $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'];
  8. That depends entirely on the rest of your code, perhaps some indication as to what you are using now and what your footer requirements are. The most common now is to add another div to your HTML and style it using CSS.
  9. Hey! Don't be an idiot and respect those who are giving you the answer you asked for! You asked the question and I gave you the answer, if you had asked "I have tried to run this script in safe mode and it doesn't work, how do I turn safe mode off", but you didn't. So don't be a cock and think about what you are saying. You will need to contact your hosting as you probably won't have access to turn safe mode off. Man alive
  10. I never said anything about the content being consistent? I said the content style, the font face and size were different on two different pages. You should change the style so it is consitent throughout the website. No it isn't? You had one font face / size on one page, and another in a different page. Quite true, what's your point? Put it this way, iframes can use used for AJAX, in fact they are very good at it, but there should be no reason to use iframes the way you have. Facebook may be popular among businesses because it is free and there are shed loads of people using it, however you have to ask whether it is going to serve a purpose on your site? I couldn't disagree more, if your page takes ages to load thats your problem, do not punish the user because your site isn't optimised. Users expect a page to take a little while to load the first time, but after that browser caching does most of the work (if you had your CSS in a dedicated file that is). Your loading screen is such a massive usability issue, take a look at any corporate website (excluding those flash ones), none of them have page loading, and neither should you. Why have you taken the site down? Was trying to look back to justify some of my points but I can't. You need to remember that you posted a link in a web critique forum without any instructions, so expect me to give my personal opinion and if I choose not to "fix" your problems I won't.
  11. Geez, another loading screen... remember you've got 5 seconds to not offend me (aka for me to stay on your site) and you have immediately annoyed me for 6 seconds whilst I watch a loading screen. And when I do get to your website, well the design isn't that great: - your logo isn't very appealing - the general design needs reworking - you have content text which is bigger than your navigation - your content style isn't very consistent And... - you're using embedded css - you're using frames Oh, and there are loading screens on each of the pages... even if they have been cached :'( Edit: Also, don't assume that because Facebook exists that you have to integrate it with all of your sites, it doesn't always suite it well. Just my constructive 2c, I will be happy to answer further Qs ILMV
  12. Hmmm, need more clarification as I do not fully understand your problem.
  13. +1 TheFilmGod I constantly see websites in the critique forum that claim to offer web dev / design services with poor websites, and yes it does scream unprofessionalism.
  14. No, the browser will only send the form to one destination... would it not be possible to send it one on destination, and when it have finished send it to another? Edit: Damn it, too slow... +1 what milesap said
  15. Dissapointed to have to go through that very poor flash intro to find a youTube video on the other side... better to have a decent header and then just the YouTube video. The design is not what I would expect from any tutorial website, if it were me I would really consider going a different direction with your design.
  16. +1 The banner is pretty poor, it's so distracting from the content, I can barely read the title. you might want to consider displaying a larger thumbnail of the sites you have done... also consider linking it to a larger image using a lightbox (Google it). ILMV
  17. You cannot access that variable outside of that loop, simple as that. You would need access it from within the 1st loop.
  18. Hello, i have skimmed through most of the replies on this thread, it's an interesting one. I didn't see your first version, but here are my thoughts on the current one, excuse me if I repeat what other people have said: 1) Get rid of the loading screen, it's almost as annoying as a flash intro. If the website is painted gradually then I can start to figure out the layout before I hit the content. 2) Get rid of the 15 seconds paragraph, as someone already mentioned I have already spent 5 seconds reading that paragraph and it's difficult because it's white on black... oh, and also it's more like 5 seconds, believe me if I surfed in from Google I wouldn't stick around for more than that. 3) Your thumbnails for your sites are too small 4) I wouldn't bother with a coming soon section, to be fair your design work isn't that great, so your work in progress stuff isn't going to be much better. 5) By all means have a T&Cs link in the footer, but put that info on a different page. 6) On your contact page your form of captcha is bloody hideous! I don't even know where to start, let's spare a thought for those who don't own a Phd in captcha forms, or even for those who use screen readers. Personally I wouldn't bother with one, just filter out the spam manually. 7) Put your CSS in a separate file This is just a point, but your mark-up is pretty poor, consider finding a basic CSS template and learning by copying. ILMV
  19. Amazon provide some of the most popular cloud computing tools, they work extremely well for low budget outfits, but also allow very quick scaling. You see you only rent what you need, saving capital on hardware and maintenance etc. Microsoft also have a cloud computing platform called Azure... needless to say when they demoed it at a conference I attended earlier in the year the speaker couldn't get it to work, not surprising really. If any of you have used the app Dropbox then you might know that that runs on Amazons S3 platform (http://aws.amazon.com/s3/).
  20. Wrong forum, But you need to use .htaccess to find your old link and send to a new link...
  21. +1, you cannot expect your user to immediately confirm their email, your session would certainly be destroyed after a week
  22. Yes I can. Some of the important information will be posted in bold A little background, this is an ERP solution so internal only, no more than 20 users. When a user has entered information into a form and clicks save it fires the save function of the relevant controller, if the save is successful we need to return the user back to the last appropriate action, so in short the referrer is used to redirect the user back to the appropriate screen. Look at this demonstration of the order links are clicked: View All Records --> Edit Record #2 --> Save Record #2 Now when we hit save on 'Edit Record #2' we don't want to go back to the 'Edit Record #2' screen, we want to back to the screen before that, in this case 'View All Records', and that is why we store a referrer stack in the session. The problem we have is the referrer stack was built before tabs exists so pukes up when we starts using multiple tabs. Now consider this, we are viewing a list of records, clicking on one will present it's edit screen. So imaging we open two different records in separate tabs, e.g. 'Edit Record #3' and 'Edit Record #4'. Now when we open the 'Edit Record #3' the referrer is correctly set as the 'View All Records' screen, but when we open 'Edit Record #4' it sets the referrer as the second edit screen. The problem occurs when you save tab one 'Edit Record #3', it checks the last referrer and redirects back to the 'Edit Record #4' screen... but we need to send it back it's parent, and not the parent of any other tab. Now to solve the problem we are having I want to change our referrer stack to an array, where the array is based on the browser tabs, that way we can track the referrers independently and the problem would solve itself. I hope this helps Ben
  23. Hello All I am currently working on an ERP project based on the MVC methodology, when a user navigates the site we store the referrer in session. The problem we have is that using multiple tabs upsets our session stack of referrers, it would be good to store this stack as an associative array so we have a stack for each tab, as at the moment if you open a new tab, the original tab redirects to the wrong place. The problem I have is that I need a unique identifier for that array, now it would be too easy to think that a tab_id would exist, but it doesn't appear so. So does anybody know if it's possible to get the tab index, even if it's exclusively using FireFox (we will provide a fall-back for IE etc *pukes*)
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