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  1. $queryreport = mysql_query("SELECT post_time_dif FROM response WHERE profile_id = '$id'");
    $post_time_dif_tot = 0;
         while($row = mysql_fetch_array($queryreport)){
              $post_time_dif = $row['post_time_dif'];
              $post_time_dif_tot += $post_time_dif;

    set zero value to $post_time_dif_tot variable above while loop or try above code or else you can disable notice errors from php.ini file

  2. If you want to post any data from "index.php" to "print.html.php", then you need to submit your index page to print page, for that you can dynamically change form action to print page using javascript and submit that form.


    may this will help you

  3. First change type of print button from submit to button(i.e. type="button"). And add javascript onclick event on that button i.e.

    <input type="submit" value="Print" name="print" onclick="javascript: window.location='print.html.php';">
  4. Using query string, you need to use key=value way of passing values like 

    <td width="33%" align="left"> <?php if ($result==1) header("Location: import1.php?imagename=$imagename");  ?></td>

    and in import1.php page you need to get the value using GET method like this

    $imagename = $_GET['imagename'];
    echo "the filename is " . $imagename;

    may this will help you

  5. Please check this lines

    $connection_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server);
    $login_result = ftp_login($connection__id, $username, $password);

    variable name $connection_id in second line has tow under scores(__)


    also update this lines as 

    if ((!$connection_id) || (!$login_result)){
    	die ("No FTP-Conection established!<br>Connection with FTP-Server as user ".$username." not possible!");
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