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  1. Add if condition before the image link tag, check the below code


    <?php if (file_exists("../smallphotos/".$photo6.".jpg")) { ?>
    <a href="../smallphotos/<? echo $photo6; ?>.jpg" rel="lightbox[Villas]" >
    <img src="../smallphotos/<? echo $photo6; ?>.jpg" width="280" height="210" border="1">
    <?php } ?>

  2. Try this code

    	$class = '';
    	if ($page['status'] == 0)
    		$class = 'class="inactive"';
    	echo '<table width="150" border="0">
    			<tr><td align="left" valign="top">
    			<a href="edit-page.php?page='.$page['pageid'].'" '.$class.'>'.$page['pagename'].'</a>
    while ($page = mysql_fetch_assoc($pagesq)); 

  3. It depends on requirement, if cookie is set then user will be directly logged in without login screen or else you can come to login page and fill the login screen using cookie data, so that user can use same login details or can change it and submit the form. May this will help u

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