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  1. I use ripemd128 with a binary salt derived from one element of non-displayed user information from the user record in the DB (Creation date/timestamp as binary) and one piece of information from the server environment. It serves me, and has passed a number of security audits.
  2. There's not really much point in setting passwords if the users can simply click a link and change it without doing something to prove who they are.... But I seem to recall an early version of Windows Lite called "Joe" which used exactly that principle. If the user got their password wrong three times in succession, it assumed they'd forgotten it and allowed them to simply reset it
  3. Correct, a hashed password has to be reset (issuing a new password) if the user forgets it
  4. You can make it even harder by introducing a level of bitwise logic: $encryptedPassword = md5(md5(sha1($plainTextPassword))) ^ md5(sha1(md5($plainTextPassword)));
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