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  1. Thanks, I am willing to sell the domain http://divinequran.com. so where can I place the domain for free where people would contact me to purchase this domain. I hope this domain is might be sold for $5000 for it domain name and other factor.
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your reply, I accept the design is too bad, I am not a designer, I dont want the site to be blank so I just made a simple design and uploaded some files. MadTechie, how do you calculate its cost? What is $78 - $512.64 - $10,300.30
  3. Hi, I have two websites one is a religion website and it is http://divinequran.com and the other one is http://w3calculator.com and I am just planning to sell it. how much does the website worth? The website is based on calculators.
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