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  1. Thanks for your input. The first "page" of code was from someone else and its easier for me to follow making another db connection to get other data and display it differently. My ability to code is very basic and the ability to code both sets together is something i just cant wrap my head around. My code is a mess and spread out over many files but i break code up so i can follow it better. Late last night i read and re-read the code and i finally figured out why it wasn't displaying anything. The last <?php?> tag at the very end i change to <?php and should have just left it at
  2. Some one from here helped me create this and i have added to it. Since i have updated my server everything works now except this code. Any help would be great. <?php include("../../db_inc.php"); // define HOST, USERNAME etc $db = new mysqli(HOST,USERNAME,PASSWORD,'roundrobin'); $sql = "SELECT result_id , round_no , roper_id , roper , heeler_id , heeler , time FROM result t INNER JOIN RRroper r ON t.roper_id = r.sid INNER JOIN RRheeler h ON t.heeler_id = h.sid ORDER BY round_no, roper_id";
  3. most of my site is now switched to mysqli but i am having issues with a page. its not giving me any errors and its fetching the info from the db. i have an edit function per entree that loads this page. when i click on it the edit and the page loads there is no info from db to edit and when i submit nothing changes. some one mind taking a look, thanks. <? ini_set("display_errors", "10"); error_reporting(E_ALL); include("../dbinfo.php"); $con = mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password); mysqli_select_db($con, "database") or die( "Unable to select database"); // get value of id
  4. see what you mean by the echo tag.. its fetching data now.
  5. because none of the information is loading on the page that is stored in the db
  6. I wrote a website years ago and when i finally upgraded the system its was running on all my mysql commands are depreciated. So i started working on the small files to fix all the errors and now that i no longer have errors the code seams to not fetch the data from the db. its been years since i coded and now i have to re educate my self. Any help would be nice, thanks <?php ini_set("display_errors", "1"); error_reporting(E_ALL); include("dbinfo.php"); $con = mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password); // Connect to server and select database. mysqli_select_db($con, "databasename")or
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