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  1. I agree with you there because with a forum like PHPfreaks there are system analysis and technicians but when a single computer noob is trying to host a web forum or a download depo then the chances of that person being able to administrate the entire system without destroying the server is very slim. So that is why experience/knowledge is needed before setting up a vps. And in addition you get better support on shared servers. So my advice, if you don't know how to administrate a vps then don't do it until you know it and if a shared plan suites your requirements then take the shared plan.
  2. Generally if your getting a SVN repository etc then you would purchase a plan that supports such a service. But yes in some cases vps can be better if you have the experience however you will receive very little support from your hosting company about any customizations you make to your vps unlike a shared host where those customizations are pre made.
  3. You must be every salesman's dream. Easy to oversell. I bet you would do just fine with 256 MB. The benefit of a VPS is that you can change how much memory you're allowed to allocate while it's running, so it's just a matter of contacting the sales department asking for an upgrade. Why would you pay for something you don't need? Especially seeing as you've got a £20/mo max. Reaching that will be much easier if you scale down your requirements to something realistic. There is no way you'll need 1 GB (or even 2 GB) memory if you don't even have any traffic yet. Also, "unmetered bandwidth"? That's not going to happen. At least not within your price range. Indeed however I would never recommend 256MB for a vps. Instead I would recommend around 400MB to 512MB of ram. Also some Operating Systems will require more ram than others and so if you think you don't need 400-512MB of ram then shared hosting would be the better option. Also I myself have 750MB ram on my vps and it seems to be pritty good but for something like calculating pi to the last digit or a rainbow/hash table generator that generates 96^6 hashes for reverse lookup then around 1GB would be needed for effective results. Yes I am really wanting an upgrade with my current host but it's been a decade (3 months) since they had vps plans available and am waiting for the new cheaper better plans (Jumba).
  4. If your worried about bandwidth for any website isn't that what the page cache headers are for? Just thought I would mention that because cache headers should be applied on about every forum to save bandwidth.
  5. Dont forget http://www.jumba.com.au/hosting/personal - They have a wide range of plans for both personal, business and virtual private servers. Also to search for australian hosts by stastics you can use the website at http://www.webhostingchoice.com.au/ Enjoy.
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