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  1. Oh, I didn't think about having to check the source to see the output. I was just looking at the browser output and it was blank. This is the output of the bin2hex(): 342048616e64732053756761722026616d703b205370696365 My knowledge on character encodings are admittedly limited Scraping public data is not stealing lol Also, if you want to know more specifically what I'm doing, it's a website that my friends and I use to keep track of the beers we've had for flying saucer's "ufo club". It gets really difficult to know which beers we've had after you get past about 50, so I made this site. To avoid errors with data entry, instead of letting users add new beers that aren't found when they do a search, I scrape saucer's "beer menu" to get a full list of what's in stock. In fact, my "menu" ends up being more accurate than theirs because the printed menus are often a couple days old.
  2. This is what vardump shows: string(25) "4 Hands Sugar & Spice" strlen() shows this: 21 and I get nothing when I bin2hex the containing variable oh and I should mention that when I do the strlen, I'm copy/pasting output of browser back into script to do teh strlen. when I wrap strlen around the variable I get 25 just like vardump shows
  3. Hi. I've been banging my head against the wall with this stupid problem and I just figured out the problem. I scrape data from a website. I query my table to see if I already have everything in there. If no match is found, I insert it. Today, I noticed even after inserting, my script kept telling me there's a new entry I need to insert, despite it actually being there when I physically check the table. But when I echo the query out and run it in phpmyadmin, it finds the row. But not if I run the query directly in my script. Turns out, there are several invisible characters in my string. When I do var_dump(), it says length is 25. When I copy and paste the string into notepad, then back into a fresh php script and wrap it in quotes and echo out a strlen(), I get 21. There are apparently 4 invisible characters that I can't see. I trim() everything, so that apparently didn't catch it. So... is there a good way to "clean" my data before inserting or comparing it to avoid this in the future? This wasted a ton of time and I hope to find a way to clean this junk out of my data. Thanks! It just seems like I run into this sort of thing often when it's data scraped from the web. (breaks my regex! grr!)
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