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  1. This usually happens when you do AJAX Calls I am sure when you click on button there is an ajax call to the wizard.php page. The quick solution will be save name attribute to the session from index.php page $_SESSION['name'] = $_GET['name']; when you read name from session on wizard.php page unset the variable from session unset($_SESSION['name']);
  2. Modify your .htaccess and tell it to ignore certain folders RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(sf|otherfolder|morefolders)($|/) - [L] RewriteRule ^product/([0-9]+)/(.*).html$ detail.php?id=$1 [L] for multiple folders use PIPE "|" symbol.
  3. As per my understanding you want to concurrently run many files at a same time. This can be achieved by using pThreads. Learn More.. https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.pthreads.php In order to use pthreads you need to compile PHP with ZTS (Zend Thread Safe)
  4. Thank you for your help, I tried to install other pthreads versions on Ubnutu server but it did not worked. Then I installed with centOS 6.5 with PHP 5.5.8 and used PECL to install pthreads-2.0.1 and it worked.
  5. Hello All, I had a major problem with choice of PHP and MongoDB versions. I have a project developed in PHP5.6 with PHP 5 MongoDB Driver and I am willing to use PHP with ZTS and pThreads for parallel execution. Unfortunately when I compile PHP with ZTS and pthreads compiler gives me error while setting up PHP Now, one may thing why I am sticking to PHP5, Its clearly becuase of MongoDB driver of php5. PHP7 with ZTS works perfectly but again I canot connect MongoDB because php7 have different mongoDB driver. Please guide me whether updating code to PHP7 Mongo is just a solution left with me ? or is there any workaround ? Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hello trim it and check it is blank or no. if(trim($_POST["haddy") != "") {
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