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  1. For your first error: check the manual for php foreach statments here. also, make sure $_POST['checkbox'] has a value. For your second error: it doesnt work because your foreach statment is failing
  2. i was more less looking for the function name rather then having it typed for me...
  3. i think i do that, on the one page i query the basic_info table, and then on the next page after that i query info into the other two tables
  4. i do have id set to auto increment for each table, is there a function to find the highest one?
  5. so i've setup my database layout below. As you can see pages and users both have the field bid this refers to the id in basic_info. I thought this would be a great idea so i could use one database for all my clients however i ran into a problem. im not sure how to tell php which id it should query into bid. I use an automated script to insert all the info into my database and before i had a seperate db for every client. So say i have 323 clients in my db and i got to add a new one so there will be 324 how can i tell php to find out that bid should equal 324 and query it in with the new entery? table feilds basic_info id cleint cleint_email website website_info Pages id bid name info usersidbidusernamepassword
  6. lol only the first poster saw the actually design, i was testing some css things after that lol
  7. thanks, ill make some changes when i get back from town.
  8. i might be mistaken, but i think he was talking about this page: PCRE Functions
  9. Im working on a universal CMS design for my clients to make the process of my company much much faster! However im no artist. Im looking for critics to give me ideas on how to make this look better while still keeping it universal, thanks for the comments, link: http://schoolworkanswers.com/forjosh/Admin/admintest.php
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