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  1. Thanks Mchl; You finally got my point. That's all I needed to know.
  2. OK this is the last try. here is some code <?PHP echo 'Thanks for reading.'; ?> In Dreamweaver my testing server is set up so all I have to do is to choose what browser i want to view the output, firefox or IE. "Thanks for reading." shows up in my browser. Now the same code in the same location with notepad++ i get an error. This is what i did; I choose "RUN" from the tool bar. Then I choose firefox and then I get an error message. It never gets to my browser. So now the problem is notpad++ is not set correctly. Well that is only thing I can think of. So I am thinking the problem is that I have not set up notepad++ correctly. I may not have used the right jargon for all this mess. But; this has nothing to do with what a text editor is, what a server does and what php can do. How do you type some php in notepad++, then go to "RUN" in tool bar and then choose your browser and display "Thanks for reading." in the browser?
  3. I just want to use notepade++ to edit php than check the it on the browser. But It won't work. I have XAMPP for all the server stuff. I just need how to srt up notepad++ to funtion right when I have some php. Please with all do respect I don't need an explanation what the server does or what the browser does. I understand that I just have not used the right terms. My php code runs fine under dreamweaver, I am trying to use notepad++ and see how it works. I need an explanation how to setup notepad++. I want to have php code in notepad++ and execute it. My sever is ok because the same code executes when i use a different program.
  4. So does anyone here use notepad++ if so how do you set up to where the browser reads php. assuming you have xampp working fine.
  5. The problem is I can't connect notepad++ to the server. When I use dreamweaver or phpdesigner the code works.
  6. Very cute; but wrong answer. So if there is code in php and I want to run my code in my browser and server how do I get that to work. Just never mind the technical terms. How do you check your php once its on notepad++?
  7. I am trying to run php in notepad++. However when I run any php code, notepad++ ask if i want to save or open the file. When I choose open nothing happens. So how do I make php run while using notepad++.
  8. I have xampp working with Dreamweaver and another text editor. So the problem is not xampp. I am trying out Notepad++ and my php is not working under Notepad++. The main problem is that I don't know how to configure Notepad++ to work with xampp. The same code that works in Dreamweaver won't work with Notepad++. How do I get Notepad++ to work with the sever?
  9. I have notepad++ and xampp but i can't get the php to display. Where do I configure my the server. This is my xampp directory C:\xampp\htdocs Thanks in advance. Jimbo
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