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  1. j.smith1981

    Which PHP Editor do you think is the best? [v2]

    Notepad++ all the way for me, end of story lol.
  2. j.smith1981

    Good Programming and Web Design Books

    I just thought I would hit reply without looking at any other posts when reading the first one. The 2 ones I enjoy reading: Wrox Beginning PHP6 and MySQL (yes I know there's no such version as PHP6 but it is not a bad book, if your willing to go in and amend some of the things the author does, spend allot of time doing, which is not really a bad thing, coupled with this site forum and that book it's amazing). I will of course look at this book though the one the OP posted, will give that a good read, it's good occasionally to unlearn what you have already learnt and start off again, I mean I know about typecasting, since I spent an hour (literally just an hour), trying to work out where I could put in type casting. Can fit into many different areas you don't usually think about. Also a CSS book I am reading at this moment in time is: CSS Mastery by Andy Budd. Apologies if anyones put these up already, I will just go by saying their 2 pretty decent books, though there's probably better ones than the PHP one I just mentioned lol.
  3. j.smith1981

    FTP Programs

    I personally for servers love ProFTP. Though I really need to set ports for my 3 virtual hosts rather than going off the same one and using 4 different files. Will get that sorted when I can be bothered lol.

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