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    Web Host List

    I have atleast 3 recorded free web host providers with no banners*, MySQL and PHP from 2006. If thats not enough, when I was looking for a free one back 3 years ago, there was a top 250 or maybe 100 list of PHP/MySQL free web hosts. Although I must say the freehosting has been much more effective since 2006. *2 out of 3 of them had no banners. The one that did have banners died out 2 years ago.
  2. PugJr

    Web Host List

    Is that a joke? 200 people at 5GB for bandwidth? Even with a maximum, so less than 200, I can't see it being active with more than (At 1 page refresh every 1 second with each page being 1KB which is very generous to give you but made up by 1 page click a second): 2 people. Here I'll show you my math. 5 * 1024 * 1024 (5 gigabytes to kilobytes) / 2592000 (Time in a month) = 2 This of course is assuming they are on 24/7, but 2 people VS 200...Erm...

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