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  1. I have atleast 3 recorded free web host providers with no banners*, MySQL and PHP from 2006. If thats not enough, when I was looking for a free one back 3 years ago, there was a top 250 or maybe 100 list of PHP/MySQL free web hosts. Although I must say the freehosting has been much more effective since 2006. *2 out of 3 of them had no banners. The one that did have banners died out 2 years ago.
  2. Is that a joke? 200 people at 5GB for bandwidth? Even with a maximum, so less than 200, I can't see it being active with more than (At 1 page refresh every 1 second with each page being 1KB which is very generous to give you but made up by 1 page click a second): 2 people. Here I'll show you my math. 5 * 1024 * 1024 (5 gigabytes to kilobytes) / 2592000 (Time in a month) = 2 This of course is assuming they are on 24/7, but 2 people VS 200...Erm...
  3. [quote author=thorpe link=topic=54859.msg1303623#msg1303623 date=1257421266] [quote author=keldorn link=topic=54859.msg1303608#msg1303608 date=1257419960] Okay ladies and gents. I use Notepad++  (Waits for pitchforks), yes I memorize and type out functions and methods and do everything without code hints or anything. [/quote] We have a genius in our presence. I can only imagine how efficient you are. [/quote] That is sarcasm right?  :-\ The first sentence I thought "Sure, maybe thrope likes those type of people" but then the second part "I can only imagine how efficient you are.". If you aren't being sarcastic, how is that efficient?
  4. Guess I have to vote for other as I use "Text document" .  :o
  5. Hah. Glad you still have a sense of humour CV. And to answer your question, no, I don't really wonder. Entertainment is entertainment. When you see a joke, you don't say "Hey, lets be serious about humour!".
  6. Glad I could help. You don't have to replace everything though. You can use your previous hardware and just change out the motherboard?
  7. Well, the majority (Or so I think) of people who use a Windows OS is solely for entertainment purposes. I haven't checked up on Ubuntu or any Linux OS as of recent, but last I've seen, you still need to emulate computer games which makes games unstable and more inefficient. Well, actually I don't see how at any point they will ever be able to play a game designed for Windows without an emulator. Also, people are slow to change as well which might be another reason Linux is getting growth so slowly. People still use Netscape Navigator 2.0 and windows 98, but give say, 15 years? Who knows.
  8. Then I'd reply with saying that I bought two PCs (Yes, I do realize PCs don't only imply windows computers) and still have more money than the person who bought his Macintosh computer. And motherboards are extremely cheap anyways. You could buy yourself a pretty nice PC for 350$. The main reason Mac lost such popularity is the enormous pricing (And I don't think anyone would debate against me on this) so I wonder if Linux will become the next major OS once it becomes more user friendly.
  9. Hmm, doesn't make too much sense to me why safe mode won't break but non-safe mode will if its a hardware issue. Must be something safe mode is preventing use of which is causing the crashing of your computer. Yeah, my guess is still the motherboard.
  10. Oh, I'm sure it would work. Unfortunately, you have to be a professional.
  11. Just leaving your computer idle could also prevent the activity where your motherboard is damaged or flawed and which could do it. See if you can get your computer without safe - mode to the login page, then leave it over night.
  12. Could be a bad motherboard. I've had a motherboard which would randomly crash, but that included safe mode or not so how long did you last on safe mode before you confirmed that it solved the problem? I sometimes made bad statistics on determining what was the problem with my computer as I thought "Hey, it lasted 2 hours! It must fix the problem". But then I found out later it wasn't the case.
  13. The nuclear apocalypse happened, you are in your underground bunker which ofcourse has no windows and just walls to secure you. When the nukes explode, an earthquake happens near your bunker, collapsing the hallway to the outside world. You are now left alone in your nuclear bunker, windowless and hallless (Thats a fancy word, if it was one.). You now have minutes before you suffocate.
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