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  1. I see my anology wasn't clearly said.


    The anology was 'does not appeal to novices':'appeals to novices'::'does not appeal to novices':'appeals to novices'


    My point is MySQL, like PHP, adds alot of flexibility at the price of speed. Not that MySQL is written in one language or another.

  2. There seems to be like a 10% chance that whenever I click on a result, my browser will be redirected to some other totally irrelevant page. I have only had this happen on google. (The pages I get redirected to are usually another search engine.)


    Do you think its some sort of virus or has google actually added some feature where you click on a result and it redirects you to something else? The only problem with it being a virus is why only google? And why only 10% of the time? (The 10% isn't a very precise measurement.)


    Also whats even stranger is I've only had this happen on IE and never FF, but I suppose this could be coincidence as I rarely use FF. So could it be a IE virus only affecting google? Doesn't make any sense to me and if I do have a virus, why only my browser? Seems like there could be many more valuable things to do with a virus.

  3. Kingofheart, change of tempeature could possibly move the pin from just barely being in and then to being out, which could be the reason why sometimes it gives certain colors and then other times it doesn't.


    I'd seriously take a look at the pins.

  4. Yeah, so whats wrong with buying a computer off Ebay for 50$? Thats 1/6th the price for the same purpose.


    Also realize, some of those ebay lots come with a genuine version of XP. Even better, as the computer you bought doesn't come with an OS.

  5. Oh also, if you are going to be a tightwad, why would you spend a massive 17$ on a CPU fan? The CPU you bought comes with a heatsink + cooler already.


    (Edit feature ran out. Sorry. :()

  6. I dearly hope you aren't buying that computer for performance. Really, if you are going to buy a computer with such crappy components, why not just buy one off ebay for ~50$?


    That computer has some very similiar specs to my old computer -- In 2003.










    Also let me put it another way, if you add 200$, you can go from a computer that couldn't even start up Crysis to running it on max graphics at about ~10 frames a second. Realize that any drawing/art program you want to run will most likely not run on that computer as well. The video card is total crap, (4200 onboard?), and 1 GB of ram?

  7. Ignace, I do agree with you mostly, excluding the part that games that claim to be free should be completely free. Advertisments do not go far at all, and they need some form of income. Perhaps 1-10$ a month, but outside of that small subscription fee, I do agree with you.

  8. http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=12231427


    Just my tidbits of advice on this list...


    Why DDR2 RAM? Why not DDR3? Its about the same price, and DDR3 is the future!


    26$ power supply isn't worth it. If that power supply breaks and fries your computer, you are down a computer. I've seen quite a few computers get destroyed due to a poor PSU.




    Look at the reviews. 50% rates it 5 eggs.



    Thats all my advice.

  9. Good luck finding a 939 processor, AM2 replaced it, and it's been numerous years since that's been out. You're probably in better luck upgrading your motherboard, processor and memory (you're only running DDR1 - which is getting quite expensive these days)


    Yeah but at that point he will probably need a new video card because of the new slots he is using and hell, while he is at it, he might as well get a new power supply incase his old one fails. And surely he can't use his old harddisk due to the data connectors being different.


    You also might need a new CD/DVD drive depending on the connector as well.


    But not to worry, you can still keep your old computer case!  ;D

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