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  1. Thought from left field... If the blob is just text (ie no special characters/formatting/etc), perhaps as a test write it to a file, then (a) attach file to email and (b) read file into a new variable and insert that into the email.
  2. litebearer

    Form results to database

    You are still 'dividing" your text strings --'".$firstname/$lastname."', '".$day/$month/$year."', To join strings use the . (period on your keyboard) - $firstname = "Fred"; $lastname = "Flintstone" $fullname = $firstname . " " . $lastname; echo $fullname; // would display Fred Flintstone (note the space we added between the names $fulldate = $day . "/" . $month . "/" . $year; Also, you might look into date options for your database; using datetime might end up a better choice depending upon what you anticipate doing with its values. And, it might be a good practice to put your queries into a string, it makes it easier to test if the values are what you expect. And, (lots of ands LOL), you should validate your form data.
  3. litebearer

    Best way to achieve this?

    Just a couple of thoughts... 1. why haven't you tested? 2. I belive you mean to increment $start to 10 in your while loop rather than $finish (as $finish is already set to 10)
  4. litebearer

    Calculating the subset of time.

    Perhaps... new_start_time would be LATEST start time of the three new_end_time would be EARlIEST end time of the three those two would be the common intersection/duration of the three (would apply to more or less time sequences)
  5. litebearer

    Calculate area of a rectangle?

    Not sure what you mean by How are the functions supposed to work if they are not supplied the necessary information? BTW - I had a small typo above - here is corrected and TESTED version (it DOES work) <?PHP function area($a,$b) { return $a*$b; } function perimeter($a,$b) { echo "Length: " . $a . "<br>"; echo "Width : " . $b . "<br>"; echo "Perimeter: " . (2 * ($a + $b)) . "<br>"; echo "Area : " . area($a,$b); return; } $length = 10; $width = 5; echo perimeter($length,$width); ?>
  6. litebearer

    Calculate area of a rectangle?

    do you mean... $length=20; $width=10; function area($a,$b) { return $a*$b; } function perimeter($a,$b) { echo "Length: " . $a . "<br>": echo "Width : " . $b . "<br>"; echo "Perimeter: " . (2 * ($a + $b)) . "<br>"; echo "Area : " . area($a,$b); return; } }

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