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  1. IMO would be way easier to store the info in a database, then use cron to send the emails
  2. check your email, upload it, test it
  3. Andy ... email me your most recent code
  4. replace this (notice the lowercase p in pattern)... preg_replace($normal_pattern with this... preg_replace($normal_Pattern
  5. also change this... $q_1 = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE users_email = $email_check"; to this $q_1 = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE users_email = '$email_check'";
  6. Mahn, potential bandwidth issue. OP, look at this link... http://www.wprecipes.com/how-to-resize-images-on-the-fly
  7. from where are you original images coming? could you show us what you have tried thus far?
  8. 1. do you have a larger chunk of the text file with which we can 'play'? 2. how is the text file created/derived?
  9. Russ, much better!!! Can you explain what the dollar sign indicates?
  10. just a bleary-eyed thought... $phone = trim($phone); if(strlen($phone) !=7 OR preg_replace("/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/", "", $phone) !=$phone) { /* bad number */ }
  11. Debbie... Perhaps it is time to post the entire code rather than snippets.
  12. pay close attention to your placement/use of double and single quotes. You are closing stings before you are intending
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