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  1. Oh yeah sorry what an idiot http://mudfoot.doc.stu.mmu.ac.uk/students/kelsallm/ehomeboot/ that works now, thanks for the notice!
  2. Hi, I am currently doing the testing stages of my 3rd year project at university and i would like some feedback about: * what you think * how it handles * where it crashes * concerns/questions about processes * look and feel * possible future improvements I have devised some simple tests as shown below. If you are interested in helping and exploring then please complete a test or two and provide some feedback, anything will do and constructive criticism is always welcome. All data entered on the website should have reduced sensitivity but all will be removed from the database once testing has been completed. Thanks Test 1: Registering All fields are required when completing the page. Try to use realistic details if you do not want to specify about location details and sensitive data. Also please use your real email address as this will be required to complete the registering process. Test 2: Creating a sale First sign in, available usernames and passwords are at the bottom. The date range and location details of the sale are not required when saving for editing later but are for creating a sale. When the fake paypal page appears on the creating a sale process, just use any 16 digit number. Test 3: Editing a sale Only sales that are saved are allowed to be edited. Currently editing a sale means only editing what is there already. Depending on feedback, i will decide whether i do or do not need to be able to add more items through editing. Test 4: Searching for a sale When searching for a sale, only sales that are currently active will appear. If you do not know any that are active, then simply create one under the users provided. Or register yourself If there are any more questions then please do let me know & give me any feedback, even if you just hate the look and feel & you can give a reason then thats great. Thank you for your time and thank you to those who will take the time to participate. http://mudfoot.doc.stu.mmu.ac.uk/stu...llm/ehomeboot/ test user 1: username: jonesy1 password: password test user 2: username: smithy1 password: password Oh and it is best to use firefox when testing the site. The AJAX doesnt work for some reason in IE, i'v built the same AJAX previously and it works in IE but i dont know why this one doesnt.
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